People’s daily (China): the United States wants to turn Eastern Europe into a base to deter Russia

According to a report by the American newspaper Stars and Stripes, United States air force recently asked the Congress to allocate more than 130 million dollars for the reconstruction of a former Soviet military base in the Central region of Romania. The database can become a military center of the U.S. air force in South-Eastern Europe and a stronghold of NATO in the black sea region. This will further strengthen military containment of Russia in Eastern Europe.

The allocation of money for the restoration of a former Soviet base

According to the report, the United States expect to allocate almost $ 3.8 billion (approximately 26.6 billion yuan) of the Law on defence spending in 2021 under the program “European initiative of deterrence”, including almost $ 130,5 million dollars (about 913,4 million yuan) to upgrade military air base Campia of Turzii in Central Romania. If this budget draft will be adopted, it will become the largest foreign military construction project, which will invest US defense Department since the launch of the “European initiative of deterrence” in 2014.

The U.S. air force in its proposal for the budget for Congress said that “a military air base Campia of tursi is the main method of the European command of the United States to respond to the constantly changing conditions of European security”. Last year the European command of the U.S. air force sent several unmanned MQ-9 Reaper deployed in Poland, at the base in a short period of time to enhance the monitoring and control in the black sea region. In addition, the U.S. military repeatedly sent to base your fighters on duty.

This series of actions shows that the United States and its allies want to continue to expand military activities in Eastern Europe. Although in recent years the U.S. defense Department have gradually increased their investments in this database, currently there is no Parking for large military aircraft, so the category of weapons that the US air force can send to the base is limited, and the ability to perform the mission significantly reduced. In his budget statement, the U.S. air force has requested a number of major renovations and upgrades of the database, including the modification of protective equipment for landing dangerous goods, the construction of more platforms for aircraft Parking, oil storage facilities and warehouses for internal logistics based on.

In 2019, the U.S. air force spent about $ 40 million (about 280 million yuan) to upgrade the 71st air force base Romania kampia of tursi. The base was built by the Romanian air force in 2002 and is considered the best air base in Romania. After joining in 2014 of Crimea to Russia, in Romania, there was a border with Russia by the sea, so for Romania’s active integration into NATO, as well as the suppression and containment of Russia contribute to its own strategic security.

Often the signal of a “return to Eastern Europe”

Since June the United States and its allies regularly hold joint military exercises in Eastern Europe. American missile destroyers for the third year entered the Black sea to demonstrate their advanced power. After the “surprise visit” of Secretary of defense Mark Esper NATO on June 15 the President of the United States Donald trump announced a significant drawdown of American troops stationed in Germany. The outside world believes that this part of the output from Germany, American troops would be stationed in Poland on a permanent basis. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that many European countries, including Poland, the Baltic States and the black sea region, increased the US military presence.

Russia in connection with these events responded very sharply. In Russian Western military district was strengthened the defense in the direction of the Baltic sea and in the southern military district was organized by the armed forces for the comprehensive monitoring of movements of NATO ships and timely response to potential emergencies in the waters of the Black sea. The Russian Baltic fleet, black sea fleet and the Northern fleet will hold military exercises.

Games USA and Russia become a widespread norm

In the future in supporting the expansion of NATO to the East, the United States will pay more attention to the creation of a limiting edge of the armed forces in the field of air and missile defense in Russia’s neighboring countries, such as Romania, Poland and Ukraine. They will also be strengthening the actual combat training to NATO and to contribute to strengthening capacity for joint military operations to have comprehensive and multidimensional to achieve the strategic blockade and military pressure on Russia.

In the context of a serious lack of strategic mutual trust and an increasingly violent military confrontation between the two sides Russia may use the internal conflicts within NATO to strengthen the strategic nuclear forces and promote military deployment, as well as to gain strategic superiority with the purpose to take an advantageous position in a military confrontation.

In the future, the strategic game between the United States and Russia in Eastern Europe can demonstrate a trend of long-term and complex. Therefore, the risk of “accidental discharge” will still exist due to forced military demonstrations on both sides.