How to speed up metabolism with the right foods: Board of dietitian

Proper metabolism helps not only feel good but also look good. Metabolism plays an important role in the process of losing weight. It is often a slow metabolism becomes the cause of excess weight and poor health.

The American nutritionist and specialist in nutrition in Yummly Edwin Clark told what foods speed up metabolism, reports the New time.


Low calorie celery contains a lot of fiber and water. It is famous for its variety of minerals which improves metabolism. Celery contains more total phosphorus among roots, rich in calcium, potassium and zinc as well as magnesium and iron.


It contains a lot of manganese and iron – are necessary substances for normal metabolism. In addition, spinach is good for your blood, bones, quality of the brain and the thyroid gland.

Spices: ginger, Cayenne pepper and cinnamon

Spices contain antioxidants and possess fat burning properties. Moreover, these spices improve condition of the skin, prolong youth and strengthen the immune system.

Lean meat

Poultry and rabbit is high in protein, making it ideal to accelerate metabolism. In addition, lean meat is a priceless source of iron, essential for healthy metabolism.


A large number of monounsaturated fats and a high content of dietary fiber has a positive effect on the metabolism. Fiber and fat cause a feeling of fullness, low in calories.

Green tea

It tones up, removes toxins and is a powerful antioxidant. Just one Cup of green tea, drunk in the morning starts the metabolism in emergency mode. This beverage reduces your appetite and improves digestion.


In a spicy pepper contains a substance capsaicin, which has a positive effect on metabolism. Food, seasoned with hot peppers speeds up the metabolic rate by 25%.