Readers of the “daily mail” on the parade of the Navy: we can compete with the Russians only in the number of admirals and captains

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the parade on Navy day in St. Petersburg with the participation of 200 ships and more than 4 000 troops “a demonstration of the growing power of the Russian Navy” and promised new arms in the near future, according to British newspaper “daily mail” in yesterday’s article, the text of which is on the site is illustrated with photos from St. Petersburg. The Kremlin has made military modernization a top priority amid tensions with the West following the annexation of Crimea in 2014, stresses the newspaper. Opinions of readers were divided, some obviously jealous of Russia in the black, so scolded her, pointing out that NATO — colossus compared to her and China. Others are too jealous, but envy, noting that “it’s Nice to see a country that still prides itself on. I’m old enough to remember how we too once were so.”

Reader comments:

Rabbit Leader

Why Putin took all those ships? It’s a waste of money, considering how many people in Russia live far below the poverty line, and the country produces almost nothing, except gas.


In a conventional conflict the Russian Navy will be easily destroyed. Their only aircraft carrier recently caught fire and is unlikely to return to duty. Look at all these pictures, mostly small patrol boats, besides a further 80 years.

I am Cornholio

Russia is a place where a dying Empire. We can say, the graveyard of empires.


If you look at the history of the Russian Navy in 10 years two thirds of these vessels will only rusty skeletons on the eternal joke. Half of arms will be siphoned off to a few work units, and other plunder mafia cartels.

The Trinovantes

Dodik is the future of remote control drones thousands of miles away… So interesting to play for hours on Xbox, maybe not such a bad idea?


The worst thing in the Russian Navy — it’s not their numerical superiority, and the extreme probability that in any conflict they will quickly use tactical nuclear weapons within a radius of ten kilotons, i.e. the caliber of Hiroshima.

Axe Why

Why can’t we live in peace? All the money that countries spend on weapons could be spent to benefit people and improve the lives or the exploration of space.


All of Europe for centuries waged a constant war and invented almost everything. Switzerland lived in the world and invented the cuckoo clock…


The real enemy of this China.


NATO — colossus compared to Russia and China.


Yes, we are inflatable vessels and junks can not stop, where we compete with the Russian army?

Frances US

The fight will not ships. They will be useful for deploying troops, but a large war will be fought with nuclear weapons and will take one hour. However, only Russia has established an infrastructure for its citizens to survive a nuclear war. Think about it, Putin is the only leader who puts his people above all else.


Nice to see a country that still prides itself on. I’m old enough to remember how we too once were.


I’m sure the Russian, who could barely make ends meet because of the death of the Russian economy will be pleased as punch 40 new ships.


Germany paid for the new ships, because it buys Russian gas.


You see, Russians spend on the army 40% of its GDP, and the rest of the country is about 3%.


Russian military budget in 2019 amounted to $ 65 billion (the latest figures). It is less than 4% of their GDP. Have no idea where you get the numbers 40%. Data from the Stockholm Institute for peace research (SIPRI).


The number of admirals and captains we can still compete with the Russians, but what about the existing vessels we cover.


The British admirals are more concerned with political correctness than the ships.


And Putin looks good in his 67, having been Prime Minister and President for 20 years.

Jack Zimm

Russia is following in the footsteps of the Soviet Union — is rapidly emerging in Burkina Faso with ballistic missiles.


Gotta give the Russians credit — they can teach us of national pride.

Mike Delta

The Russian Navy is nothing to boast of, except that in 1945 they sank the German ships with women and children. In 1905 it defeated the Japanese in 1941/42, the Germans.


Meanwhile, our fleet of ten row boats, water bikes five and fifteen rusty and thin vessel for immigrants has demonstrated its strength and skill from banks is Sleeping in the English channel. Better not mess with us.


If we had in Britain, Putin, we wouldn’t have entire cities that live under Sharia law.


Russia and China are the new axis.

Lord Devonshire

In fact, nothing of the sort. They hate each other. If we somehow stepped over the Crimea, Russia would have returned to the West.

B Buchanan

UK more and more behind in military might, in space, on social cohesion…

Frank Booth

Russia is a place where Europeans, including the British, the Irish, the Scots and the Welsh will have to run 10-15 years or so. Nice to see that they are armed.