Ukrainian military received a new “Krazy” for all kinds of off-road

The Armed forces of Ukraine were adopted by a tanker AC-12 on the chassis of the car “KrAZ-63221”, reports Avtotema.

The tanker is designed for transportation fuel pathways in all categories on the road at temperatures from – 40 degrees to + 45 degrees Celsius, mechanized refueling filtered fuel automotive and armored vehicles of the APU, as well as short-term storage of fuel.

Tank two-piece, calibrated, equipped with a filling indicator. Nominal capacity of 12 m3, mass of Laden tank trucks of not more than 14500 kg the Time of deployment of the tanker from the stowed position to the working (contract work in derivative) is not more than 10 minutes.

Tanker trucks are made of GP “45 experimental mechanical plant” in Vinnytsia.