The water in the Donbass will be cleaner: photo visit Zelensky and Sommaruga

The Ukrainian side has received from Switzerland tons of humanitarian aid, on the order of half a million dollars

President Vladimir Zelensky and the Swiss President Simonetta Sommaruga during a visit to the Donbass visited the municipal enterprise “Water of Donbass”, and also met with the humanitarian aid from Switzerland.

It is reported the income statement.

Ukrainian President informed his colleague that the company provides drinking water to nearly four million residents of the Donetsk region, including Ukrainians, residing in the temporarily occupied territories. And 2014 objects repeatedly shelled by militants, which are periodically stopped the water flow. Deteriorated technical condition of the infrastructure.

“In these circumstances is very important for us was the humanitarian aid from Switzerland. Tens of thousands of tons of chemicals for cleaning and disinfection installations for drinking water and many more helped to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in the Donetsk region,” said Zelensky.

The head of state welcomed the new Swiss program on support of the enterprise “Water of Donbass”, which only this year will be allocated 1.4 million Swiss francs (1.5 million dollars).

“Today, Madame President, meet humanitarian aid from Switzerland is another 17 trucks. 15 of them brought chemicals and reagents. One will bring personal protective equipment to the Central hospital of Slavyansk. One and a hydrolysis apparatus for the purification of water in Volnovakha and Mariupol. Today I sincerely thank our Swiss friends for the important and valuable assistance,” – said the President of Ukraine.

In turn, Simonetta Sommaruga pointed out the importance of the supply of drinking water to the residents of the region to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe, particularly in terms of coronaries.

“Mr. President, I would like to sincerely thank you and your government for what you continue to allow the Swiss humanitarian aid to pass into areas which today are not controlled by the Ukrainian government. It demonstrates your commitment to humanitarian principles and an understanding of the needs of people in the region. I am very glad that we were able to transfer 300 tons of aid for water purification and special devices that will help people to get clean water. Mr. President, be assured that this is not the last humanitarian assistance from Switzerland in September we are planning the next big party. The Swiss people and the government will not leave Ukraine”, – she said.

As reported “Today”, July 21 the President of Ukraine adopted his colleague from Switzerland in the Mariinsky Palace. They negotiated first tete-a-tete, after which the delegations. Sommaruga noted that her country can provide support to Ukraine, especially in the field of ecology and infrastructure projects. She also sees great potential in Ukraine to create new jobs, fight against corruption, the fight against climate change. The Swiss President appreciated the efforts of the President of Ukraine to establish peace in the Donbas – it is noted that Zelensky has made many efforts to end the war. Following the talks, Ukraine and Switzerland signed a number of agreements.