Xinhua (China): the rocket-carrier “Changzheng-5” up in the air. Started the first mission of China’s exploration of Mars

The biggest booster of China “Changzheng-5”, load space probe soared into the sky from the Baikonur Wenchang, which is located on Hainan island. The launch occurred at 12:41 Beijing time. It was the first step of China to study the planets of the Solar system, reports Xinhua.

After about 36 minutes, the probe consisting of the space station and reentry module, was launched into a transitional orbit of Earth and Mars. He will need seven months to reach the planet’s surface.

The mission received the name “Tangwani-1”, which translates as “Questions to heaven”. The title comes from a poem written by the ancient Chinese poet Cai yuan (340-278 BC), which symbolizes the desire of the Chinese people to seek truth and study of nature and the Universe.