Georgia online (Georgia): who benefits from the confrontation between Armenia and Azerbaijan?

Between Armenia and Azerbaijan has again sparked the conflict. Upon hearing this, immediately we can assume that we are talking about the confrontation over Nagorno-Karabakh, however, the conflict occurred away from the region. What was the cause of the confrontation? Why suddenly the hand began to shoot, because there “toasted smell”?

Georgian expert on issues of national security and Russian-Georgian relations Gocha Gvaramia believes that this conflict may be beneficial only to one state of Russia.

“To believe that Armenia decided to invade Azerbaijan, too, as it is not impossible. Pashinyan, coming to power, not only promised to rectify the situation in Armenia itself, but also to break the deadlock over the issue of settlement of the Karabakh conflict, which hampers the development not only of Armenia but also the region (South Caucasus) in General. This even started to lurks some positive moves, and suddenly the war! A need was whether Armenia or Azerbaijan this war? Of course not. On the one hand, if Azerbaijan would unleash hostilities, it is not exactly in this direction — he has, in addition to Karabakh, there is something to return. Armenia this war is also not necessary, especially when Pashinyan is trying to improve relations with its neighbors, including Turkey. War does not need anyone, because everyone knows that if polyhnet, then all will be drawn. The only country interested in aggravating the situation is Russia”, — the expert believes.

The expert explains and the question that might arise with this statement — “how can the Kremlin give the order to start fighting the armed forces of another state, because such an order gives only the commander in chief of this country?!”

“In this case to give the order could dissatisfied with the peace policy of the Armenian authorities and thirst for “blood enemy” of any field commander who has a close relationship with Russian officers from the military base in Gyumri, and more a matter of technology — main start.

Why war is profitable for Russia? A lot of reasons. In the first place, against the failure on all fronts, it is greedy desire of Putin and his team in that would not stay in power. For this purpose Putin needs at least a small victorious war to show their own people the capacity and mightily of his personality. However, if earlier in the “program maximum”, the Kremlin counted on the achievement of minimum results, in this case, Putin has begun to play an attacking move in order to validate their seriously weakened positions in Russia and to gain a foothold in the international arena, returning lost geopolitical positions,” — says Gvaramia.