Readers of “Fox news” on the Russian project PAK DA: Russia makes only junk

Your new bomber-invisible Moscow expects to outpace B-21 U.S. air force and the Chinese H-20, says the channel “Fox news” on its website, noting the similarities in the design of the future Russian PAK DA and the B-2 and B-21. According to some reports, continues channel, PAK DA may make Russia a world leader in the bombers-invisible, although a significant part of the project remains a mystery. The vast majority of the thousands of readers-commentators just disgusted by this possibility: only America can build the best planes in the world! And Russia even outside the toilet in Siberia can not build…

Reader comments:


No. What else?


What do you say to the Democrats: our plane will be the fastest, will not fly on fossil fuel and also to throw food to the homeless. What do you say phony Republicans: we can bring little to mind and sunk billions of dollars. What do you say ordinary people: damn, another expensive plane.


Yes it is still under development! And then go beyond budget and will take 5 years longer than planned! That’s how new weapons. Over my 63 years have never seen, to meet deadlines or budget. Wait in 2029 — not before.


Even reading the article will not. From the title I say no.

Gabe the Goober

These articles keep popping up whenever any country develops something similar to ours. And now the question is: will they be able to match our capabilities? Answer: no, you can’t. They have no technology, no pilot, no training. That’s why we have always been one of the best militarily: we have the money to pay the best engineers, pilots and developers and get better equipment.


If the Russian aircraft will be entirely to steal from us, like the Chinese, Yes — with a B-21 will probably like it.

Ride’em Cowboy

Yes, Russia and outdoor toilet in Siberia, and could not build.

The True North

The most important invisible, we know it’s the Russians and Chinese who break the election.


You simply do not imagine how much Russia has built. And then, when will fly the F-35, huh?

No Time 4 Mikey

If the liberals give them a chance to steal with impunity our development, then they will do it.


“Speak softly, but carry a big stick” — Teddy Roosevelt.


No, Russia makes only junk.


The Russians paid for killing American soldiers, and the cowardly Republicans do nothing. “Mitch-Muscovite” (Mitch McConnell, Senate majority leader — approx. edition of the new York times) in the pocket of Putin.


Yeah where do they get all the money on defense? They have the same third of the country remained.

MAGA KAG Forever

Them Democrats are sponsoring.


Russia and China are too stupid to own technology. Only to emulate and can. Commies have no creative thinking, the mere theft.


They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. USA should be proud of the technologies that are stealing Russia and China.


If Germany had not destroyed the Russian air force by the treacherous attack during the Second world war would be much shorter. Historians believe that the Russians were some of the most technologically advanced aircraft of that time, and Germany, their former ally, had betrayed them.

Jack Bauer

Nonsense, they’re even su-57 in sufficient quantities does not start.


Yes their economy is smaller than Texas. How many of them will remain on the aircraft after take its share Putin?