Rada appointed a new head of the National Bank

The new head of the National Bank has extensive experience in the banking sector

The Verkhovna Rada appointed head of the National Bank Kirill Shevchenko, which to date was the head of the state Board of Ukrgasbank. The relevant draft resolution was supported by 332 MPs.

Shevchenko himself during his speech to the deputies said that over the past 6 years has created an independent Central Bank, which has ensured macroeconomic stability of the banking system and the economy.

“During the quarantine, the banking system proved its maturity, it was definitely a big role of the regulator. Ukraine’s economy is starting to emerge from quarantine restrictions, but it continued stagnation”, – he said.

Shevchenko spoke about the future steps of the national Bank, which should help to cope with the situation.

“First, I support the policy of the NBU, aimed at ensuring macro-financial stability of the banking system … second, the NBU will continue the activities on strengthening of financial stability of banks: the need to strengthen the work with the share of problem loans in the banking system, which now stands at 48%…” – said the new head of the NBU, before he could finish his speech, and began to speak with the deputies.

How to vote

Of the 332 votes 226 gave the “servants of people” (248), 21 “Fatherland” (24), 40 – opsi (44), as well as most independent MPs and members of parliamentary groups. Not a single vote “for” not given “European solidarity” and “the Voice.”

What is known about the new head of the national Bank

Kirill Shevchenko is Chairman of the state Bank Ukrgasbank. He graduated from Kharkiv state economic University (economist).

In the 90 years he worked as an economist in the credit departments of the Ukrainian credit Bank, Bank Aval. After that, until 2006, was the first Deputy Chairman of the Board of Bank “Finance and credit”.

From 2006 to 2009 – Chairman of the Board of the State mortgage institution. In 2009 he became Advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

In the same year he became the first Deputy head of the Board of Ukrgasbank. However, in 2011, he was Chairman of the Board of PRJSC “Ukrainian strategic group”. In 2012 the Chairman of JSC “SKPD”. From 2012 to 2014 was an Advisor to the Secretariat of the President of the Bank.

In October 2014, returned to the UGB, and in 2015 became the head of the Board.

As reported “Today”, the previous head of the NBU wrote a resignation letter in which he complained of political pressure. At the same time, the Board of the national Bank urged the President of Ukraine, the government and lawmakers allow the Bank to perform its functions. July 3, the Verkhovna Rada dismissed Yakov Smoliy from the post of head of the NBU. The deputies agreed to dismiss the chief banker of the country, which he asked to release him from his duties.