Ukraine and Georgia into NATO against Russia: the U.S. Congress held hearings

Ian Brzezinski stated that America’s actions must be immediate and uncompromising

USA will be more effective in countering Russia, if Ukraine and Georgia will become members of NATO.

This opinion was voiced during the hearings in the U.S. Congress, which related to the messages in the American media, Russia was paying the Taliban for attacks on American soldiers in Afghanistan, reports Voice of America.

To Congress by leading experts. And during the discussion, in particular, it was about how to effectively oppose Russia on military and political levels.

Senior analyst at the Atlantic Council and a former Deputy assistant Secretary of defense Ian Brzezinski stated that America’s actions must be immediate and uncompromising.

“We need to strongly support the transatlantic aspirations of Georgia and Ukraine. NATO enlargement spread peace and security in Europe and strengthened the military capability of the Alliance. Both Ukraine and Georgia should provide a clear path to NATO membership. Continued ambiguous position only increases the appetite of Putin and his sense of opportunity to restore the domination of these two democracies,” said Brzezinski.

He also called for increased economic pressure against Russia.

According to him, the current sanctions may damage Russian economy, but the result should be deterrence of Russian aggression – and here they did not succeed. Sanctions it is necessary to strengthen and focus them on specific Russians, as well as to create a comprehensive sanctions against Russian financial and energy sectors.

In turn, Celeste Wallander, a former counselor to President Barack Obama and senior Director for Russia and Eurasia at the national security Council, the United States said that if the aggressive policy of the Kremlin did not oppose – it will not stop.

“The United States needs to build a defense, to disrupt these operations and right to force the Russian leadership to respond to military, political and higher levels of government. If we don’t defend ourselves if we don’t tear these Russian operations, and if we don’t force the Russian leadership to respond, they will continue and perhaps increase the voltage in the future,” she said.

We will remind, in June , NATO has included Ukraine in the program of the advanced featuresthat will give the country new opportunities. Also, Kiev could get another important status – the main US ally outside the Alliance that would allow even better to arm with American weapons.

We will remind, in June, 2019 in the United States has presented a draft law on granting Ukraine the status of an ally outside NATO. The status of main ally outside NATO (Major Non-NATO Ally) first appeared in the legislative field, USA in 1989. Initially it was assumed that the individual countries of strategic importance for the United States, Washington may enter into agreements on joint military research and development. Later, the functionality of the law has expanded considerably. Thus, the status of main ally outside NATO gave its owners the opportunity to not only participate in jointly with the us research and development projects, but also to obtain for these purposes, materials and equipment on credit, and financing for purchase or lease defense equipment.