Editor-in-chief (Ukraine): first signs of degradation and disintegration of the United States is already evident

America has always been famous for its excellent roads. We can say that a famous American highways have become the hallmark of the United States. But is it all right really?

Recall that one of the main election promises trump was the creation of tens of thousands of high-paying jobs by investing not less than 1000 (!!) billions of dollars to repair road infrastructure. The amount is simply astronomical, even by American standards!

But really the state of American roads is so bad that it requires such a huge investment, which even America is hard to accumulate? Alas, it’s true. More precisely, the part of the truth.

America really has always been famous for it for their high end cars! But it’s true, when it comes to major cities and highways of Federal value and paid highways. And on the periphery and in the provinces the situation is the opposite — it is said that America is a country of contrasts.

In fact, the money for repairs, it is necessary to have much more than 1000 billion dollars. In the US there is the so-called American society of civil engineers (ASCE), which every four years reports on the condition of roads and bridges. According to its latest report (March 2017) the condition of roads in the United States for the last 4 years has deteriorated significantly: with the level of the index F, the overall quality of road facilities fell to a D+, that is close to catastrophic. According to estimates by ASCE to remedy the situation and bring to 2025 infrastructure to a state corresponding to the index B (“satisfactory”), you will need to 4.59 trillion. Let’s face it, it’s just a national disaster and in this respect America is nowhere near such countries as Germany, Switzerland, Norway, etc.

Its present dilapidated condition of roads annually poured out for the national US economy of hundreds of billions of dollars in economic inefficiency. In addition, ASCE has indicated that 10% of all bridges in the US have completely exhausted their resources and their urgent repair and reconstruction requires another 123 billion dollars.

So brilliant state of American roads is already a myth.

By the way, the decline of any Empire — and the United States is a modern Empire, and is always accompanied by the collapse of its infrastructure. In America, the infrastructure begins to disintegrate. It splits parallel to American society, which ominously splits right in front of us, and there is no such force that would be able again to connect Americans together. This split is already overwhelming, and it’s only a matter of time before he will lead US to decay and degradation.