How to become a chef: advice career counsellors

There are different ways to achieve professional heights. Some people prefer to move step by step and go through all possible stages of development: school, College, Institute, courses. Others come from just behind the Institute, and then knocking on doors with a higher education diploma. Those who are gifted with culinary talent, is no exception. But for many of them it remains a mystery which path to choose to break out of the “foremost” to enjoy work and a decent salary.

“Today” has learned from the experts where to start the Amateur cook to become a master chef. The restaurants admit that they appreciate the zeal, experience and try to grow their employees from the lowest office to the top. Career counselors believe that you need highlights in his career.


The restaurants agree that the “crust” only confirms that a certain number of days the applicant for the position of cooks walked into the school, be it College or University. But it doesn’t prove that its owner is gifted with talent and abilities.

“The first thing we notice, is the experience (we have at least 2 years), practice in other cafes/restaurants and recommendations from previous employer, — told in the hotel-restaurant complex “Verhovina”. It is important that the applicant joined the team and showed zeal for his work. During the probationary period, as a rule, it is clear that is a specialist”.

The applicant must offer yourself original and to justify the confidence

This is also the opinion of the management of the restaurant “Jardin” Oksana Tkachyova: “With “red” diploma of the applicant we pay attention, but it is not important. It can serve as a plus if we choose from several excellent candidates. But the main thing — “burning eyes” and experience is desirable and foreign. Often come to us chefs who are so talented that eventually become chefs. But one innate talent to become a master chef is impossible.Cook is growing, gaining skills, draws on the experience of others, and then he straight road in chefs. To the position to grow not so easy, and it’s not a matter of two dena. Even if a person born chef’s talent, he will need to show a “high-end” 10 to 15 years, then continue to do it with a double grip. Therefore, if the applicant Unlearning the full program (starting from school to University), then he’ll do it for myself, developing, and gaining knowledge.”


Portals for job search advised not to discount the education. “It does not matter, will go to the entrant in College or from the University, he will certainly need the basics of the skill. Few places will give the chance to the candidate for the chef who uses a knife with difficulty but is reluctant to cook. In addition, we have a state where people love the “crust” (about a third of the exposed vacancies still need education),” says career consultant Irina rosemary.

On the portal I assure you: most employers value experience, and the candidates, especially without experience or with a little practice, try to emphasize your diploma, courses, participation in master classes and winning contests (including abroad).


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“If to speak about the experience, on many jobs it is 2-5 years, and only after that the employer is willing to talk with the applicant about the position chef. Assistant chef to get easier: many are looking at a position with little experience or even without it, especially in the summer. The money these professionals also pay accordingly, but for the start it is a good proposal,” says content Manager portal Tatyana Pashkina.

By the way, from observations: in the summary of the position of the cooks began to show imagination both beginners and experienced applicants. “They are trying to interest the employer in some unusual behavior or offer of a series of “I’m so good I can not pay me for training if I will not justify the trust.” Or try to take a sincerity, not a formal language in the summary that always felt,” said career consultant Irina rosemary.


Andrey Velichko from Ishmael works as a chef and Executive chef in the restaurant “Fish on fire”, but he came into this business not only specialized education, but without a single day experience.

“I studied at the physics Department at the University and at the 3rd course I had the opportunity to work as a assistant chef, — says Andrey. — I like to cook, to invent new dishes, to experiment, and I jumped at the chance. Worked for 16-19 hours, and watched the cooks. The money is then paid small, but given the fact that I worked for two bets, I had enough for chef’s knives and expensive cookbooks. After a few months I was asked to be a full-time cook, however, preparing garnishes for dishes. After a year I was entrusted with soups and pastas. After 4 years I became the right hand of the sous-chef for several years — a full sous chef and then chef. And only after that I decided to get specialized education: graduated from the French Institut Paul Bocuse, started attending workshops, seminars, etc., My advice to those who see themselves in the restaurant business — going door to door, agree even on not very financial best deals, get experience, and keep your “crush” to their work”.

Skills. Accumulating over the years and learning from professionals