Life hack: how to peel a pineapple

Life hack: how to peel a pineapple

Find out how easy it is to skin a pineapple

Irina Peacock

Today, 12:48

We have already told how to cut the pineapple into pieces without a knife. But if you just need to clean the fruit from the skin, follow our step-by-step instructions with photos. Peel the pineapple very simple thing – take a large sharp knife with a wide blade.

When choosing a pineapple, make sure that on the surface of the fruit was not dents and stains. Pay attention to the leaves. A ripe pineapple should they be green, and shades of skin colour to dominate warm yellow shades.

How to peel pineapple

First you need to cut the top and bottom Photo: Depositphotos

What you need:

  • Pineapple
  • Cutting Board
  • Big knife

What to do:

  • To start, wash the fruit and dry it with a towel. Then cut off the bottom and the top of the pineapple, to make it more sustainable.
  • Place the fruit vertically on a cutting Board and carefully start to cut the hard rind in large strips, from the top downwards.
  • Keep turning the pineapple until you remove all the peel. At the end you can clean the places you missed.
  • How to peel a pineapple at home Photo: Depositphotos

    When you’re finished, the pineapple can be cut into washers, triangular pieces or cubes.

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