The National Interest (USA): Russia hopes the gun on the popularity of beats with an AK-47

Is it possible?

Evaluation gun expert Larry Vickers — “excellent weapon, accurate, easy to use and quickly recharges” repeats the commonplaces of praise for AK-47, most popular assault rifle. But according to the website The War Zone, one of the effectiveness of the gun Lebedev (PL-15) to cult status may not be enough.

The Kalashnikov concern, Russia’s largest arms manufacturer and a trademark of the genius inventor the AK-47 of Mikhail Kalashnikov, is beyond the scope of his legendary assault rifle (SIC — approx. ed.). The company has developed prototypes of different weapons, from standalone tanks to powerful sniper rifles, but most of all Russian arms rejoice in the improved gun Lebedev PL-15. If you’re lucky, writes, The War Zone, he can become “AK-47 among pistols”.

The gun is designed as a universal weapon together with Russian special forces and athletes, currently being tested and may soon be in a holster from the military and law enforcement agencies around the world, said General Director of “Kalashnikov” Alexey Krivoruchko.

“Tests are underway, and we hope that they will be completed this year — said Krivoruchko. — We hope that the gun will be in demand by the Ministry of defence, military and law enforcement agencies”.

The company has a reputation for making reliable weapons. The idea of a reliable gun in the spirit of the ubiquitous assault rifle the AK-47 is very attractive. As told in “Kalashnikov”, a new pistol chambered for 9×19 mm is characterized by low thickness of 21 mm in the front to 28 mm in the area of the handle. Bilateral location and configuration sisami control PL-14 allow you to use it and the right and left hand, but the weapon makes it comfortable from the point of view of impact, toss after a shot and a quick return to the line of aiming.

At PL-15 there is an indicator of the presence of a cartridge in the chamber allowing for visual or “by touch” to determine whether the weapon is loaded. Non-standard geometry of the chamber allows you to shoot ammunition with a non-standard length of the liner.

The company first demonstrated a prototype of PL-14 in 2015 at the forum on military gear in Moscow, and then introduced an updated version. In the video of December 2015 as a veteran of the American Delta force and an expert on firearms, Larry Vickers (Larry Vickers) testing the original PL-14.

Evaluation of Vickers — “excellent weapon, accurate, easy to handle and it recharges quickly” — often repeats of praise for AK-47, the most popular rifle in the world. But according to The War Zone, one of the effectiveness of the gun Lebedev (PL-15) to cult status may not be enough.

In 2014 the fall in world prices for crude oil, and this is an important article of Russian export, and international sanctions against the government in Moscow led to a significant decline in the Russian economy. The United States and the European Union imposed a ban on travel and trade in protest against the Kremlin’s actions in Ukraine and Syria.

In October 2016, reports emerged that the Kremlin next year, you may have to cut defense spending by 30%. One expert suggested that the actual reduction will be less than 10 percent, but will still be significant.

From what I’ve seen, PL-15 certainly fits the description of “AK-47 among pistols”. But do the Russian military has money to turn this weapon in the most popular gun in the world — quite another matter.