ABC (Spain): how to lose weight without starving thanks to the small changes in daily habits

Tired of hearing everywhere tips on how to lose weight after the isolation? Many have spent the last few months cooking all that is possible to cook, some have used online programs or courses for sports at home, even tried yoga or meditation. However, a considerable number of people had to learn how to skillfully, depending on the circumstances, to reconcile their personal and family life with work on udalenke.

Is today when you can do a lot of things that were forbidden during the strict regime of isolation, need to suffer to lose weight? No. This summer is not the time for “operation bikini,” or diet. According to experts, in the summer during a pandemic, you need to gradually start exercising and without any suffering little to change the diet to eat properly every day. Much better to lose weight more fun.

As the author explains the method of weight loss from Amaro Dr. Maria Amaro (María Amaro), the key to good health is not to starve, not get bored and not feel the need to return to habits which you once recovered. According to the expert, it needs to abandon low-calorie or very strict diets, because sooner or later the hunger will win over your willpower. Maria Amaro advised to make a diet that fits our lifestyle, choose the products that are popular because they are entertaining to cook or because they fit our schedule and rhythm of life. However, according to the expert, the main thing is fun and useful to form habits of healthy lifestyle.

Small changes in diet

It’s one thing to have lunch or dinner a salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and leaves and grilled breast, and quite another — to make a meal of quarter of an avocado, quarter of a mango, a small amount of smoked salmon, soft cheese, jamon Serrano, field salad and add ten pumpkin seeds. The first option is not boring like a salad of boiled chickpeas, red, green, and yellow peppers, half an onion, corn, slices of duck ham, fresh spinach, walnuts and canned tuna under the home made vinaigrette. “These two version of the salad is tastier and more nutritious, not like the diet and help to reduce weight,” notes Maria Amaro.

This view is supported by Judit Soto (Soto Judit), who has a degree in medicine and surgery and leads the instagram account “Doctora Cooking”. She shares a trick: to salads and dishes turned out delicious, you need to add different sauces. For example, instead of the usual combination of oil, salt and vinegar, Judith Soto recommends that you add in the home dressing unique touch, for example, the mustard that gives acidity, aromatic spices, crunchy seeds, a little honey or homemade jam for a sweet fruity taste.

In addition, Judit Soto stresses the need “is all colors” and make the dish variety, adding all the necessary nutrients. According to experts, first of all we are talking about vegetables and fruits. “The human body is evolutionary designed to have a little bit of everything. In addition, in General, happens to us so called “saturation of the ingredients,” for example, we often can’t resist the dessert,” explains the expert.

Ways of preparing or cooking methods can affect whether we get more or less fun. Judith Soto notes that not all you need to cook on the grill or steamed. “For a couple of hake is very tasty, but if the same heck to cook in the oven with onions, zucchini and carrots and pour wine and dill, the dish will turn out delicious and nutritious, and will help you to lose weight.”

Good-bye, boredom!

It is important to diversify and Breakfast. As advised by Maria Amaro, ideally, you don’t always need are one and the same. One day you can eat kiwi, toast with tomatoes and ham and coffee, the next day oatmeal with milk and whole-wheat toast with avocado, or make yoghurt with berries and Chia seeds, as well as French omelet. It is important to avoid the consumption of unwholesome products deep processing, which can cause a sharp jump in the level of glucose in the blood, which we begin to experience a sense of hunger much sooner.

Also, you need to use your imagination and try to diversify afternoon tea. Summer abounds with fresh fruits. So Maria Amaro believes that yogurt or yogurt with sliced fresh fruit and walnuts, almonds or pistachios would be a delicious and healthy snack that every day can be prepared in different ways.

Thanks to the originality of ingredients and the cooking process, and the diversity we can slightly change the diet and form good habits.