Lord Gamar there: I do not support the BLM, it is not our movement

Rapper sharply criticizes the movement Black Lives Matter: “It is not our movement.”

The translation of a fragment with 3:36 seconds.


— I do not support the Black Lives Matter movement (“black Life is important”). Absolutely do not support.


— Because it’s not our movement. Because it is a movement that is imposed on us, George Soros and his people. Because they saw how the situation develops, and they didn’t want to go back 60 years when we had an organized movement, and when for them it has become a huge problem.

[They decided] “Let’s give the people movement that we can control, we are to give them leaders and everything else.” That’s what the movement Black Lives Matter. You just look at the leaders of Black Lives Matter.

— This movement has leaders? Who?

— Those lesbians tried to combine the issues of LGBT people with the problems of black people. Open the website, see for yourself. Enter Google “George Soros and Black Lives Matter,” and you will see what happens. You know that George Soros is a billionaire, which is among the dozen richest people in the world…

— He has collected hundreds of billions of dollars for the coalition, Black Lives Matter. The money were in addition to the more than 33 billion dollars from lead sponsor of the Democratic party — the George Soros.

So why do rich white people in the past financed some of these movements?

— Some did it, but not all. It was the money that was given rather out of guilt, not in order to control it. But in this case from the beginning was the money to control. It’s not about that “Oh, I feel guilty for what we white people did, now you come to my house, shamed me, so I’ll write you a check”.

See what I mean? Here it’s not about that. It’s about the fact that “let us give you the movement that we can control. We use the characters original moves, such as Red, Black & Green. We inkorporerer all these different characters, but it will still be movement, which is controlled by us in which we decide what should be the ideological promises, in which we decide what will be the slogans.”

We had a slogan “No justice, no peace” (No justice, No peace) no peace, no justice. Now the slogans “Hands up, don’t shoot” and all of these negative allegations… Who invented them? I? It wasn’t me.

Lord Jamar (Lorenzo Dechalus) — American rapper, a member of one of the most popular teams of the 1990s, Brand Nubian, actor, producer. Brand Nubian entered the TOP 25 greatest rap bands of all time according to About.som.

Gamar there is a frequent guest on VladTV, where he attracted attention for its commentary on social issues such as racism, sexism and homophobia.

As an actor, Gamar there most known for his role as Kevin “Allah” Ketchum in the television series “Oz”. He appeared in the TV series “Law & order: svu”, “Third watch” and “the Sopranos.”

The position of the Jamarah has caused controversy after the release of the track titled “skirt” (Lift Up Your Skirt), where he stated that “gay has no place in hip-hop”. After this, some media described him as a homophobe, however, Gamar there has denied the charges.
In another interview, Gamar there said that white rappers were “guests in hip-hop”.