The government considers that the forecast figures are better estimates of the IMF

The IMF has predicted a pessimistic scenario, however, the Cabinet believes that will ensure the fulfillment of budgetary performance

Ukraine is moving in the forward-looking indicators of implementation of the state budget for 2020, the results of which are expected to decline in the gross domestic product (GDP) of about 5%. About this told Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal in the government meeting.

“It’s important that while we are moving in our forecast, including in the may budget and revenues and on the expenditure side, the Finance Ministry is working in the forward – looking budget,” said Smigel.

According to Finance Minister Sergei Marchenko, the government has more optimistic forecast of development of the domestic economy compared with the expectations of the International monetary Fund (IMF), which together with the approval of a new 18-month program for Ukraine for $ 5 billion. worsened the forecast of falling of GDP of Ukraine in the current year to 8.2%.