Curtis hill: to Deprive the police of funding in response to the murder of George Floyd? Here’s a crazy idea, which will aggravate the crime (Fox News, USA)

In normal times, nobody would need to point out the complete absurdity of the movement called “Stop funding the police.” The madness of this concept would be self-evident to anyone with any ability to reason rationally.

Movement, requiring to cut funding for police departments across the country, has arisen in connection with the incident on may 25 is clearly cruel and unjustified murder of George Floyd — a black man who died after police Minneapolis pressed a knee on his neck for nearly nine minutes.

Floyd in handcuffs lying on the ground, he did not resist arrest and did not threaten the four police officers who arrested him because he allegedly committed a minor crime, paid with a fake cheque of $ 20. All four officers did fire and blame or second-degree murder or aiding and abetting second-degree murder.

The murder of Floyd, filmed on a mobile phone, shocked millions of people around the world. As a result, now we are not “normal times”. Peaceful protests — and the riots and looting — erupted in many American cities.

Some of the groups protesting in order to achieve racial justice, there was a frightening idea, that a reduction in the police budget across the country will help to make society more secure and the relations between black and white — more peaceful.

This is complete nonsense.

Our nation continues to grapple with serious crimes. According to the FBI, for example, for 2018 in the US killed 16 214 people. If the streets were fewer police, this tragic figure would be even higher. And you can bet that the criminals would have committed more robberies, assaults, rapes, burglaries and other crimes in the United States.

The police we need to continue to perform its vital function of protecting the innocent and prosecute the offenders.

And because everyone who cares about America, should publicly declare that “the termination of funding of the police” will have very dangerous consequences.

Police of the United States, risking their lives and serving their citizens and protecting them. The vast majority of officers are outstanding public servants who daily perform their difficult duties for the benefit of the law.

Of course, some cops aren’t worthy of their badges due to the fact that corrupt, incompetent or violent and can’t control his temper. A small number of officers employed to deal with the crimes themselves are the criminals, violating the rights of citizens, participating in police abuse and sometimes even killing innocent people of all races.

But to solve this problem is necessary, specifically identifying the member of the police who act unlawfully, and eliminating those who can not be corrected. In addition, when entire departments are systematically demonstrate patterns of misconduct, you need to change there entire leadership.

The fact is that in any profession a certain amount of people behaving criminally. We all know stories about pedophile priests, or doctors who rape patients, teachers who attack students, lawyers, vymenivali all the savings of his elderly clients, corrupt politicians taking bribes and so on. With all these professions violators need to be identified and removed from their posts and convicted of crimes be sent to prison.

Thanks to a slow and painful death of George Floyd, our nation realized how terrible may be the situation, when in the streets, bad cops. Fortunately, it seems that in this serious case, the case moves to justice very quickly.

However, if deprived of funding police departments, it will only make it difficult to hold positive reforms. For example, the mayor of Los Angeles made the move in an alarming direction, proposing to reduce funding for the city police Department as much as $ 150 million.

In this no more sense than if you’d cut funding for hospitals or schools in which a doctor or a teacher has committed a criminal act against a patient or student. In all these cases, from a reduction in funding will hurt not committed the criminal actions of cops, doctors or teachers. Instead, they will hurt hospital patients, students and the public.

When the company hires police officers, we are asking them to risk their lives to protect our families and to take care of the peace in our area. According to the FBI, in 2019 in the country during the service had been killed, 89 officers. These deaths are a tragedy that cannot be ignored.

The least we can do for our cops is to train and provide equipment and sufficient funds to attract decent staff.

Long before becoming President, Teddy Roosevelt served as police Commissioner of new York. In his autobiography he wrote about his long-standing belief that police departments need to Finance adequately. “I do not understand a policy that can give the police the power of a violent offender, depriving him of effective weapons,” he said.

Because of this turmoil and conflict that gripped the nation after the murder of George Floyd, perhaps you can understand that many people act based on emotions and not from logic. But we can do better.

Shameful that the anarchists trying to destabilize our nation, can now seize this chance to fix still unresolved racial tensions.

After the murder of George Floyd we witnessed at least 12 more needless deaths in riots and violence.

One of these tragedies associated with the death of a 77-year-old David Dorn (David Dorn), who was killed while trying to protect Lombard friend from the angry robbers in St. Louis.

Dorn, a black man, was captain of police retired. His black life also mattered. The fact that he was killed by robbers, not white police officers, does not make his death less tragic.

A former colleague recalled mandrel as a man who “cared a lot about young people, especially marginalized young people” who “wanted to have achieved something”. According to former colleagues, Dorn “wanted to be a role model for these young men and women”.

In honor of the memory of officers like David Dorn and all decent police officers who continue to serve their cities and society — we must continue to support the work of law enforcement.

Moreover, we owe it to all of its citizens to implement policies that will protect them well, including providing adequate funding of the police.

Americans of all races and classes, let’s work together to make our cops better. Let’s look at absolutely all the specific proposals that really are aimed at improving its work.

Let’s help all officers to fulfill the role of “protector” as zealously as they now play the role of “enforcer”. Let’s continue to strive for equal rights and equal justice for all. And let us continue our journey to racial reconciliation and improved race relations.

But let’s focus on real solutions and not be distracted by meaningless cheery slogans like “stop funding the police.”