“Jack, listen to me”: Zelensky live called the head of the Bank

The President of Ukraine on the phone asked the head of one of the banks to postpone mortgage payments for a year

In Ukraine, where it is gradually recovering business activity after a prolonged quarantine, President Vladimir Zelensky called the head of Ukreximbank Eugene Metzger and asked him to resolve the issue with the loan. This happened during a working visit to Khmelnitsky region, where he organized the meeting of the President with local businesses, representatives of which have complained of difficulties with restructuring loans.

After the first phone conversation of the members of the delegation of the President Metzger and he promised that the issue will be decided by the head of the branch in Khmelnytskyi Tatiana Lundishev. After that, the President Zelensky personally contacted Metzger.

“People complain that you do not give any credit. And that the Bank does not provide the deferral of payment of the loan. Why are you sending them to Lundishev, if the business can’t solve the problem in Kiev? Jen, listen to me, it is not a question of one company, a different company. So this is happening throughout the country. This is globally for you to decide,” said Zelensky.