Voentorg US: Ukraine has suggested to solve the issue of lethal weapons

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov considers that Ukraine do not have to wait for the free supply of lethal weapons – she can buy it in the “Voentorg United States.” American President Donald trump himself has offered to replace grant aid to Kiev credits that can be spent in the United States, writes “Obozrevatel”.

“The arms market has not been canceled,” – said Zhdanov.

Ukraine will not be too much to hope that America will give free weapons, – said the expert.

“Dare the Americans to give us weapons? They can blame the fact that they sponsor the war… the Distribution of weapons just not welcome in the world. Buying weapons? Yes! But who prevents us to buy the same Javelin or any other lethal weapons in the same market weapons?” – said Zhdanov.

“We can negotiate with the United States for the same allocated money to buy them, by the way, trump said the money they allocate, we can spend in the “Voentorg USA” and purchase lethal weapons,” he said.

The expert expressed regret that a number of Ukrainian politicians are engaged in “double-talk” regarding this issue.

“If you want to make a political decision on the purchase of lethal weapons, please take it, buy and put a Mat, give them the opportunity to use these weapons,” – said Zhdanov.

The expert also said that the Ukrainians should not make a cult out of the issue of supply of lethal weapons and raising it to the rank criterion, which determines the ability of Ukraine to defeat the enemy.

“We need to deal with the rearmament of the army to ensure its combat readiness”, – he added.