In Moscow will host the military parade, Putin told the date

March “immortal regiment” while can not hold

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin ordered to hold a parade in Moscow on 24 June. This he said after a working meeting with defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

“I order you to begin preparations for a military parade in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war in the Russian capital, Moscow, and other cities. We’ll do it June 24 – the day when in 1945 took place the legendary, the historical parade of winners when on red square were the soldiers who fought at Moscow and defended Leningrad, fought at Stalingrad, liberated Europe, who took Berlin by storm,” – said Putin.

As noted by the President of the Russian Federation, March “immortal regiment” while it is impossible to carry out, observing the social distance, so it will be held July 26.

“Therefore I propose, however, to hold a March, too, after the parade, but after the other, a month later, on July 26. And this is another day our military glory – day of the Navy”, – said Putin.

We will remind, in Day of the victory over Nazism, which in Russia is celebrated as “Victory Day in the great Patriotic war”, Russian President Vladimir Putin alone held a review of the March Hiking and horse guards of the Presidential regiment on the Cathedral square of the Moscow Kremlin.

It also became known that in Russia at least 376 military had contracted the coronavirus in the rehearsal of the parade on 9 May. During rehearsals, wearing masks was optional. Some they made themselves, others they did not exist.