Ukraine has made an alarming forecast for the occupation Putin, Belarus

Russia will introduce its troops in summer in Belarus and is likely to leave some units there. This opinion was expressed by Ukrainian blogger and military expert Alexey arestovich on his page in Facebook.

“While everyone was waiting for podlyanki from the Kremlin, somewhere in the Baltics or Odessa, Putin has found a simple and elegant way to occupy Belarus,” — writes arestovich. According to him, the troops that will be included in the framework of the exercises “West-2017”, at least in part will remain in Belarus.

Arestovich indicates that because of this situation, the Kremlin will receive a number of benefits. In particular, we are talking about the need for Ukraine to allocate additional funding for the defense because of the threat of invasion on the part of Belarus. Also Ukraine in this regard will need to increase the number of troops on Belarusian direction.

In addition, says the expert, this may lead to aggravation of the political situation in Ukraine, as you will need to carry out additional waves of mobilization.