American readers about the conversation with Poroshenko Biden: corruption is the main export article of the Democrats

Zelensky intends to investigate the audio recording, Biden promises U.S. aid in exchange for the resignation of the Ukrainian Prosecutor, told reporters Gregg Ri in a lengthy article on the website of “Fox news”.

The presumed presidential candidate of the Democratic party Joe Biden has publicly acknowledged such an agreement. But the recent leak of his conversation with Poroshenko revived suspicions of collusion on the principle “service for service”. Such accusations were the reason for initiation of proceedings of impeachment against the current President of Donald trump, reminds Gregg of Ri.

Readers began the debate with no end in sight — the site has over 4800 comments. As the channel “Fox news” — the main mouthpiece of the Republicans and President of the trump, and his audience, of course, supports the current U.S. administration.

Reader comments:


The government needs to launch an investigation and find the last honest Democrat. I heard he is still somewhere there.


There are rumors that Senator Lindsey Graham and others don’t start an investigation because it would float the name of Senator McCain. And to throw a shadow on it nobody wants.


Yes, his name is nowhere to staining. He was a criminal and a traitor.


Well, sure, blame it on the dead.


Biden can’t go to the Slammer, he’s there and not a minute longer. Have pity!


Obama is the most dangerous virus in the last hundred years. Pandemic of one. And the cure is trump!


Anyway, the Democrats will once again lock up.


Let’s be honest: Obama and Biden are above the law. No one will touch them.


In a nutshell: to investigate the dirty deed is unfair and all the corruption. Understand?


Career politician. Kind of muddy, but a cover-up cronies and socialists. Now he has dementia. If he wins, to run everything will be Vice-President. Above us looms the shadow of socialism. We for this turn is ready?

Love for Country

Ready for battle, fully armed.


Well, what is the chance that Biden is the only one in the Obama administration, who took bribes?


All the zeros.


So, Biden threatened President Poroshenko to hold a package of assistance for a billion dollars if he did not dismiss the Prosecutor General Shokina, although he believed that Shokin did not violate anything. It seems that his only transgression is the investigation of the case “Burimi” and hunter Biden. Now we know what John Kerry did too. Interesting, but were you aware of Obama?


There is a video, as Biden himself boasts conspiracy. It does not all over, so what’s the difference?

The Loose Bruce

Yes Biden can’t remember what it is.


Biden is not even to remember what I had for Breakfast. For a long time in marasmus.


The United States and Ukraine have a Treaty on the expulsion? Just curious.


Yes Biden may shoot a man on Fifth Avenue in broad daylight and without losing a single vote. Funny to beat trump in his own words.


This is not a “quid Pro quo”, and downright extortion! On the “Fox” that, defectors from si-EN-EN work?


Well, liberals and journalists now stand for Biden’s mountain.


No corruption Shokin was not engaged, and investigated “Barismo” and hunter Biden. But Poroshenko and Biden agreed to Shokin fired, and the investigation ceased. Two corrupt politician plated dirt on Biden. Biden even bragged that he was detained because of this loan. Now there’s a real phone records. Well, try to wriggle out, baydanova the vigilantes. Now you won’t rubbing points, he thoroughly rotten traitor.


Corruption — the main export article of the Democrats.


Well, the candidate of leftists caught. I never thought that anyone will beat Hillary.

Millennial Falcon

If you, the boomers, got out of my cozy “Fox”, I realized that Biden will win. He has a lead of 11% and it is increasing.


Yes you, I see you believe in polls? Anything you 2016 is not taught? I bet you have a Hillary President?


Sleepy Joe I slept. The Democrats panicked.


It turns out, they took away a lot of money for the cover, and the Russians dumped all for free? Then, they get mad!