Moderna (USA): the American company has reported success in developing a vaccine against covid-19

Clinical biotechnology company Moderna, Inc. in the United States have successfully completed the first phase trials of the drug mRNA-1273 for a vaccine against coronavirus. About it reports a press-service of the company on Monday, may 18.

“Moderna, Inc. announced positive interim clinical data of an experimental drug mRNA-1273 for the manufacture of a vaccine against the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) during the first phase of research under the guidance of the National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases of the United States,” — said in the message.

The studies were conducted in several groups of people of different age who received doses of 25, 100 and 250 micrograms. When this was revealed dependence of the level of protection of immunity from a dose of the drug.

Then, all patients first took part in the research, on the 43rd day the body was discovered antibodies to the coronavirus in the same amount as people who have recovered from covid-19 or greater.

“The drug mRNA-1273 mainly manifested themselves as safe and such, well tolerated,” added the company.

It is noted that the only side effect was detected in one patient of redness around the injection site, but it was transient and required no further medical intervention.

We will remind that earlier in Israel has successfully tested a vaccine against coronavirus. If the study goes according to plan, the vaccine against the coronavirus will be ready in a year or even sooner.

It was also reported that China’s three vaccine covid-19 in the second test phase. In Beijing employs 21 scientific and technological project in the field of response to the epidemic of the coronavirus.