Natalia Grebenyuk: Why is it important to compromise, but don’t give up

Inspiring advice

When learning to ski, I had a very good instructor. And the first thing he taught me how to fall. Sometimes you have to consciously fall to prevent the worst effects. The first time I fell often stuffed bruises. But never had any serious injuries. And ride for 13 years. I think this rule is applicable for many occasions. To compromise but not to surrender. To be bold, reasonable. Not to put the result above all else, but systematically and confidently to go to him

– Who or what inspires you? Why?

I often find inspiration in the small details that surround me. For example, in the bright sun and clear sky. Smiles, just random encounters.

I would say that you know how to enjoy life. Not to dwell in the problems, and to concentrate on the positive. A lot of it around each of us, but we just we don’t always notice the good moments in their daily routine.

Very inspiring people. When you come to the rescue in a difficult moment, commit selfless acts.

Inspire bright ideas. At work when somebody finds an unexpected solution to the problem. At home, when my son throws something naive, but very original, innovative. And you think: why not?

In the office on 27-m – wide picture of the world, even outside the window

– How do you “reboot”? that helps you find strength?

More than a year ago I discovered yoga. On the one hand, it is a good exercises like an office worker. On the other – it helps you to find and restore internal harmony and balance.

I feel the landing forces when you sit down at the piano. I’d love more likely to find the time.

Powerful reboot give long trips. At least twice a year I go far from Kiev, Ukraine. Itself careful planning to journey gave the most impressions.

For example, in Provence with the family, we stayed in the house of the 16th century, renovated by an artist of the Royal ballet. There each piece “breathe” antiquity, art, creativity.

Being in Normandy, I will never forget – we bought oysters from local merchants. And then as the children sat on the pier, swinging her legs, and threw the shells into the sea.

To climb into the sky at the controls is an unforgettable experience!

– How to do everything: is there a balance between career and personal life? How to find and keep?

Approximately 80% of cases, the balance between career and personal life depends on self-organization.

But, undoubtedly, there are projects and tasks that objectively require much more than 8 hours a day.

When you have to dive into the job head first, I’ll make it up to the attention of his family on the weekends. Putting off work, possible to “forget” about mobile, the Internet, work tasks and quality, thoughtfully, intensely spend time with family.

Always ready for unexpected questions. Even at corporate

– What career achievement are you most proud of?

In 2000, my colleagues and I received the award for developing the best investment projects associated with the recreation of the southern coast of Crimea. Working in a state company “Chernomorneftegaz”, I participated in the unique at the time, the projects on attracting investments to develop oil and gas fields on the shelf of the Black sea.

My latest achievements are connected with DTEK Neftegaz. Gas production is a team game. And we, our team, in a difficult time for the country has been able for 3 years to increase gas production more than 3 times.

This is a very important result for our company and for Ukraine. This is a confirmation of great prospects the oil and gas industry and the fact that energy independence is still possible.

To fight for the independence of the gas is often not near the wells and at the round tables and conferences

– What childhood dreams have you fulfilled in life?

I think that all the most important. I managed to build a career, becoming one of the leaders of successful, growing company. To raise a good son. He is now almost 15 years, and he remains my closest and best friend.

My son Fedor is a big fan of football. So I often stood at the gate. Now, given the level of his game, already unsafe. Arriving in any city abroad, we first go to the local football stadium, and the match. Last time I was at the game involving real Madrid, and it really was an amazing show.

Prefer an active vacation, with maximum benefit to spend their free time

– What we have not asked you, but You would like about it have to tell?

About The Crimea. On the Black sea where I spent my childhood, along with “Artek campers”. There I studied and started working. With Crimea due to a lot of warm memories about events that have largely shaped me as a person. I’m really looking forward and hope that Crimea will again become closer to us.

A short interview:

1. How would You describe yourself in one word?

Strong. Because cope with difficulties.

2. The three books are a must read?

  • “The little Prince” A. de Saint-Exupery. This is one of the most philosophical books of all time.
  • Stories By Ivan Turgenev. Few also conveys feelings.
  • Books By E. Goldratt. Very sensibly writes about the business, and in an interesting original way.

3. What would You learn in the next 3 years?

  • Driving the plane
  • Skiing back
  • How to cook gazpacho

4. Meeting or Facebook?

Meeting. I like to look people in the eye.

5. Book or movie?

Book. The rustle of the pages had nothing to replace.

6. Owl or lark?

Lark. I’m a mom.

7. Coffee or fresh?

Coffee, but it was rather forced.

8. Brunette or blond?

Does not matter. Important people and quality.

9. Jeans or skirt?

To work skirt at the weekend – jeans.

10. Heels or comfortable shoes to go low?

You can stay a beautiful woman in any Shoe.