Life hack: how to clean vegetables from seeds

Life hack: how to clean vegetables from seeds

Remove the seeds from the vegetables different ways

Irina Peacock

Yesterday, 18:00

Sometimes a prescription is required, so the vegetables were without seeds. They can be easily removed with the help of improvised means: a knife, a teaspoon or a spoon for ice cream.

In our article we will tell you about the most simple ways to save vegetables from seed at home.

How to clean vegetables from seeds: cucumbers, pumpkins and courgettes

Scrape seeds you can spoon the ice cream or noisethe Photo: Pinterest

To do this, use a special spoon for ice cream or noisethe (knife for cutting the melon). These tools are similar in shape but different in size. Their slightly sharp edges will easily help you to get rid of the seeds. This technique is relevant for cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkins and many other vegetables and fruits (papaya, melon).

How to clean vegetables from seed: peppers

How to clean the peppers from seeds Photo: Depositphotos

Put the pepper on the cutting Board sideways and cut the stalk and bottom. Put it on one of the slices. Insert the knife into the opening between the pepper pulp and seeds. Gently taking the blade along the wall of the vegetable, cut all the membranes and remove the core. Then pepper cut into rings.

Another method – cut the peppers lengthwise into two halves and with a knife separate the pulp from the core. Now pepper can be cut into pieces.

How to clean vegetables from seeds: tomatoes

Remove seeds of the tomatoes with a teaspoon Photo: Pinterest

Cut the tomatoes in half. With a teaspoon remove the core with seeds. Slice the tomatoes and drain them in a colander for several minutes to remove the excess liquid.

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