“Vacation credit” for business: Rada gave a start to the easing

The corresponding bill approved in the first reading

The Verkhovna Rada, except that abolished the payment of ERUs for self-employed persons, also adopted in first reading bill No. 3297, which prohibited to charge penalties and interest for late payments on loans for business. Voted 278 deputies at necessary for decision-making minimum of 226 votes.

The document refers to the delay that occurred or during the quarantine, or within 30 days after its completion. Ukraine has already introduced a prohibition on such fines and penalties for individuals, and now it will expand and for entrepreneurs.

It is important that this kind of “vacation credit” is not free neither physical nor legal persons from payments on the body of the loan and interest. It is only banning the use of sanctions for late payment.

Recall also Pleased to extend the tax benefitsthat were introduced earlier to support small business during the quarantine. Exemptions relate mainly to natural persons-entrepreneurs (FLP).

And about how entrepreneurs reformat your work during the quarantine, please see the news story “Today”: