Svenska Dagbladet (Sweden): Sweden will be considered contagious country

According to the latest statistics office of public health, today in Sweden 3 225 people died from covid-19. In recent days, they became five more. But the indices on weekends it is difficult to assess at once — probably in the beginning of the week there will be new information about the dead.

At the same time, hospitals report that the load is reduced.

“The intensive care unit while he had to work in very tough conditions, but we also know that Stockholm carefully and gradually manages to re-start other areas of the health system, and that’s a good sign,” said Anders Tegnell (Anders Tegnell) news Agency TT on Sunday.

This positive information increases the likelihood that the summer speed the spread of the virus will begin to decline, said the chief epidemiologist of the country.

“It seems that immunity in a large proportion of the population is growing rapidly, with increasing temperature of the air people will start to spend more time on the street, not in the environment where the virus feels comfortable and spreads actively. This makes us hope to wait for summer when in any case would be easier than it is now,” said Anders Tegnell.

About how quickly the virus will spread in summer, there are disputes. At the weekend the Professor of mathematics, Stockholm University Tom Britton (Tom Britton) told Svenska Dagbladet that they with colleagues estimates, on the collective immunity will be possible to speak when you overcome 40-45% of the population, not 60% as previously thought.

Herd immunity is the state of the population, when most of it becomes resistant to the disease, thereby protecting the rest who have no immunity. If the estimates of Britton loyal, Stockholm collective immunity will be formed by mid-June.

In conversation with Svenska Dagbladet, the former chief epidemiologist Annika Linde of Sweden (Annika Linde) expressed cautious optimism about new discoveries:

“But most importantly continue to monitor the incidence of infection, until the infection is completely destroyed. The first step is to conduct more tests, she said. — I’m sick of hearing how confidently making statements about the virus, about which we know so little”.

Annika Linde added that the Stockholm Agency for the control of infectious diseases will play a Central role in the monitoring of the epidemiological situation in the capital until the moment it will be possible to introduce more liberal rules of regulating social relations. According to her, this is possible only when the infected will appear very few.

“It’s very difficult. Until a vaccine or the disease will not disappear completely, it is difficult to lead a normal life,” she says.

General recommendation for all residents of Stockholm says that they don’t have to leave the city and travel to other regions, taking with them the infection, so as not to overload the healthcare system in the country.

Svenska Dagbladet: Probably, the actual, and reverse a recommendation not to travel to Stockholm?

Annika Linde: I don’t think. Perhaps only if a large source of contamination arises, for example, in malmö. But this is unlikely.

— Why in such a densely populated region like skåne (South of Sweden, where malmö — approx. ed.), the infection is spreading so slowly?

— Perhaps the reason is that they have a February vacation was a week early. But who knows. Why, for example, Saudi Arabia and generally that part of the world got off relatively easy?

The Minister of foreign Affairs Linda Ann (Ann Linde) said on Saturday that the Swedes should not rely on the ability to travel freely in the summer. Her namesake Annika Linde shares this view.

“I think the complexity will even travel to Finland, Norway and Denmark. Sweden, which remains open, there is considered dangerous from the point of view of infection, as well as Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK. Other Scandinavian countries may not be worth it to take the blow.”

The former chief epidemiologist of Sweden knows that Carl Bildt (Carl Bildt) are very unhappy with the Anders Tegnell and even suggested that the Prime Minister Leuven something to shut him up. She laughs out loud:

“In fact, criticism of the authorities is good. It said more Oksensherna Axel (Axel Oxenstierna). It doesn’t have the state to fall apart because of one mistake. This has its own charm. But in General it was more about the fact that Carl Bildt at the time was willing to take more risks than Stefan löfven now.”