In Ukraine is rapidly getting cheaper young cabbage

Week prices dipped by almost half

While carrots in Ukraine is becoming a delicacy, prices for early cabbage continue to fall, analysts project EastFruit. According to them, wholesale sales of early cabbage in the main regions of production are conducted at the price of 5-8 UAH/kg, on average, 48% lower than the previous week.

Market participants believe the price decline is a natural phenomenon, because the sale has already connected nearly all of the southern region, and also started delivery of Transcarpathia. In addition, manufacturers are talking about reducing the demand for early cabbage due to the fact that during the quarantine trade in the food markets was conducted sporadically.

“As we predicted, the prices on early cabbage now fall not only under the influence of the seasonal growth in demand, greater pressure on the market has a surplus last year of products that some manufacturers are willing to pay below cost of production”, – commented the head of the project “APK-inform: vegetables and fruits” Alexander Horev.

However, now the new cabbage harvest is still on average 28% higher than in the same period of 2019.

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