Professor of missile cooperation with the United States: the threshold for nuclear weapons decreases (NRK, Norway)

“Norway thereby will lower the threshold for the use of conventional weapons and nuclear weapons. Peaceful daily life, this may not be affected, but the strategic rivalry intensified,” — said Professor at the Higher school of defence, Lieutenant-Colonel of Tormod Heyer (Tormod Heier).

Tormod Heyer believes that Russia sees Norway primarily as an element of military power of the United States for deterring the Russian Northern fleet in the Norwegian sea in the West. From further developments Heyer cautions.

“In the end, the hypersonic missile can carry both conventional and nuclear warheads, and from either of the parties will be tempted to react in advance because no one knows what warheads are the enemy. The development of more sophisticated and deadly missiles to the national interests of Norway is not consistent. Our advantage — the role of bridge Builder, which promotes dialogue, détente and disarmament,” says Heyer.

Strengthen the defense of Norway

Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen (Frank Bakke-Jensen), in contrast, in the use of missile cooperation with the United States has no doubts.

“This technology can help to strengthen the defense of Norway from the ever-growing air threats and will be an important contribution to NATO. Amid an increasingly challenging security situation the importance of close cooperation with its closest allies — including the most important of them — the United States – is increasing,” says Bakke-Jensen.

The defense Minister believes that THOR-ER and the Russian system of Avangard — system are completely different and not comparable in characteristics and purpose. Although both of these systems belong to the class of hypersonic weapons, the missile fundamentally different powerplant.

Secret development

Cooperation between the Ministry of defense and Norway in the development of missiles THOR-ER, which is five times faster than the speed of sound, continues for five years.

From the Norwegian side is involved the Institute for defence studies and company “name” (Nammo) with the participation of the state.

The company “name” is one of the few NATO countries who can develop, test and manufacture advanced rocket engines for military purposes.

“This is especially true ramjet engines. According to him, we are considered as one of the leaders in the Western world,” says CEO Morten Brandtzaeg (Morten Brandtzæg).

“The goal of the program is to develop and test prototypes to prove that the technology works as intended,” says Brandtzaeg.

New Russian weapons

In his speech on 1 March 2018, President Vladimir Putin spoke about the new Russian armaments program.

Putin has promised that the new Russian weapon can incapacitate the entire us defense system against nuclear attack.

In addition, Putin mentioned the “Dagger” and “avant-garde”, whose speed is five times the speed of sound. In December last year, Russia announced that “vanguard” is on duty.

The US at the moment, hypersonic weapons there.

Norwegian technology will increase the coverage

The Pentagon recently released information on missile cooperation with Norway. According to him, it “will provide critical technology necessary to ensure the military superiority of the USA and allies in the field of hypersonic weapons.”

In the press release of the Pentagon company “namo” argues that Norwegian technology will provide us hypersonic weapons the same range as the weapons of potential adversaries. Putin said that the range of Russian weapons is almost unlimited.

The purpose of cooperation with the United States — tests in the so-called “significant operating conditions.”

First tests will be held at the site of Andøya in Nordland next year.

In addition, there is the American-Norwegian agreement on the consideration of future industrial production.

The Ministry of defence said that missile cooperation will bring bilateral partnership with the Pentagon on a new level.

“Richard the third”

The leader of the Socialist left party Audun Lysbakken (Audun Lysbakken) fears that Norway runs the risk of aggravating tensions between the US and Russia. In addition, Lysbakken believes that the Norwegian missile security cooperation with the US is not conducive.

“It is clear that Norway remains an attractive partner in the development of technology, but we need to sit down and think whether such a close collaboration in the midst of a new arms race Norwegian security policy,” says Lysbakken.

“You can’t disrupt the balance of power”

The Deputy of Parliament from party “the Hare” Ferret Elvenes (Hårek Elvenes) said that the missile defense system in Norway should be developed together with our closest allies. He fears that Russia in recent years has strengthened conventional weapons and nuclear Arsenal.

“The distinction between conventional and nuclear weapons began to fade. Moreover, they clearly violated Agreement on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range. The West needs to react somehow. You cannot upset the balance of power in favor of Russia”, — said Elvenes.

The “reason” for anxiety

The leader of the party Red Bernar have Moxnes (Bjørnar Moxnes) believes that Norway should pursue a balanced security policy and set its own interests above the great-power policy of the United States

“When the Bulletin of atomic scientists warns that the technology of weapons may exacerbate the risk of war and, at worst, even nuclear, is a cause for concern. Red want clear whether this missile technology to be used for nuclear weapons or not,” says Berner have Moxnes.