After the quarantine appears not all: what kind of business in Ukraine has suffered the most

For the period hard constraints entrepreneurs suffered heavy losses

In Ukraine from may 11 weakened quarantine– in particular, this date will be allowed to work in beauty salons, the “annuals” restaurants and cafes, as well as non-food shopping. But during the hard constraints entrepreneurs have already suffered serious losses, and therefore after the end of quarantine to open can not all.

So, every fifth Ukrainian entrepreneur has already thought about closing their business, according to European business associai (EBA). As explained by the website “Today” project Manager EBA Unlimit Ukraine Elena Eero, the most affected are those who cannot translate the operations in the online. In the area of special risk and small businesses, who else simply is no margin of safety not established systematic business processes, and whose work is highly dependent on changes in consumer behavior.

“According to the survey, every fifth business is considering the option of closing because of the quarantine. Almost a third, namely 31% of businesses reported a decrease in staff, and 41% reported a decrease in the wages of employees”, — says Eero.

“Entrepreneurs are, unfortunately, many are closed. The business believes that after the abolition of quarantine, sales will return to the same level as before. The solvency of the population falls. Most affected are those who work in the service sector (restaurants, cafes), tourist businesses, and farmers. I think only 50% of small businesses will be able to resume its work is primarily those who have a financial cushion, as well as his own, gained over the years, regular client base,” adds the head of Board of OO “Association of small and medium businesses of the city of Kiev” Maxim Tyutyunnikov.

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