In the Cabinet explained, does Ukraine threatens food shortages

Economy Ministry calls to preserve “civilized approach to export”

Despite the fact that after the quarantine, the world faces a shortage of food, no shortage of food. Moreover, observed growth in food prices, said the Minister of economic development, trade and agriculture Igor Petrashko.

“Food there is no deficit. The prices have been fluctuations in the end of March, but as soon as we started monitoring from April 1, prices for most commodity groups does not occur, on the contrary, there is a decline,” said Petrashko.

He said that wheat stocks in the country sufficient, but the exact plan of food of balance will be closer to July, when the new grain harvest.

“We will make a commercial decision manufacturers and traders, sales and agree on the volumes of products,” he said.

According to him, the Ministry of economy is calling for “a civilized approach to exports”. It also discusses the idea to join the discussion of the “Big twenty” (G20) in the context of world food security “a guarantee of the Ukrainian positions”.

Recall is the lack of food in Ukraine is not observed, but water scarcity is becoming a harsh reality. Why – see story: