Emigrant refused service in the Lithuanian army: I’m 8 years old live in England and work (Delfi Lithuania)

A citizen of Lithuania Martynas S. from telšiai, who emigrated to the UK, was convicted for refusing to serve in the army — the court appointed him a fine in the amount of 1000 euros. Before Martynas twice paid fines in administrative procedure is 15 euros and then 100 euros. Both fine he paid. It turned out that Martynas was drafted into the army in 2019, but did not appear in the military enlistment office. During the interview he admitted that he avoided service in the army.

“I’m 8 years old live in UK, I didn’t know I had to check the lists of recruits, because I’m in the age group of 19-26 years, he said. — I thought this was not. On the call I learned when I came to Lithuania — the mother said she received a summons. I got it in the mail. I realized that I was drafted into the army, but to call the number listed did not. When I went back to Lithuania, came to the military enlistment office, and there drew up reports on administrative violations, imposed fines, I paid them”.

He said that he was aware of the impending criminal prosecution. “I’m not scared, I have already decided — not intended to serve — I clearly said that you cannot serve, I live and work abroad, — said Martinas. I was told that this is not an excuse. I still went to the UK. I’m Lithuanian army to serve will not go, I have a well-paid job”.