Caught a stone on the bait of Putin?

All day yesterday the TV station Prima figured out why for almost six hours was blocked online discussion, which the channel aired on Facebook. It was a program dedicated to the documentary “the world through the eyes of Putin”, the latest series of which the TV station Prima yesterday. Today the discussion was opened again… What other surprises have presented this story and the movie itself?

“First, the report in the transmission Newsroom ČT24, shown on Sunday 18 June, the respondents criticized the Prima TV that after the documentary “the world through the eyes of Putin” (he demonstrated on a Prima ZOOM) there was no critical discussion,” — said the press-Secretary Macatawa. She also stated that on Tuesday 20 June at 21.00 in the program “Opinion without censorship” on Facebook was an online discussion, however for almost six hours, she was blocked. “Prima TV has appealed to the administrators of Facebook with the requirement to explain why or on whose authority the discussion was blocked”, — said the press Secretary Yana Krakatowa. She also apologized to viewers.

According to her, the channel believes the lock discuss the attack on the independent discussion, to which, by the way, I called respondents and critics. “We will demand explanations who and why blocks the debate — said the press Secretary strongly. — Now we check, would this cause some kind of technical problem or incident actually was someone’s attempt to censor the discussion or to block it.” These words were spoken on Wednesday, and on Friday the press-Secretary of Prima, said: “So we decided to invite a guest again and repeat the discussion. We start at 14.00 and broadcasts on three channels.”

With Corboy and Vistana

Mentioned by the guest was štěpán Kotrba, a social Democrat, media consultant and writer who teaches at several universities and published, including on the portal Parlamentní listу.cz, which many critics called Pro-Russian disinformation site. “”The world through the eyes of Putin” is not propaganda talk. Is a game of chess champion with the novice, who must not lose” — so Kotrba things about the film on his page in Facebook. From these words you can get an idea about the look Kotrba on the subject… In the Studio with Štěpán Kotrba met the writer Yefim, Fistein. He, a Jew by origin, was born in Kiev but living in the Czech Republic and writes in Czech journalistic texts, essays, and scripts. Fistein, most known for having long worked in the editorial office of “Radio Free Europe”. Also for two years he was chief editor of the newspaper Lidové novinу. His views are similar to the known position of the analytical center “European values”.

Here are some questions and statements at the program.

— Caught stone the bait of Putin?

Efim, Fistein: the film is a lot of interesting details, observations, and no common vision. In the supply of stone Putin is humane and loving creature, which has passed through the trials, that is absolutely not true. He presents us with Putin as a person, humanist, and everything else remains on the sidelines. I was surprised by the readiness of the stone to believe old tricks. For example, when Putin comes to shooting with two cups of coffee: a clear experience. Stone always catches on it. And then it turns out in a bad situation when the experts begin to dismantle the film. For example, Putin shows stone fake footage from another war. This is “fake”. And there are a million such things.

Štěpán Kotrba: It was decent, but the unequal struggle. The game between the champion and novice. He seemed distracted talker who avoided harsh words that penetrate to the core of the problem. I think it’s a textbook for high school students on the “Fundamentals of citizenship”. The film is made so that an ordinary viewer to understand what Russia and Vladimir Putin. The series is superficial, but even those who are deeply familiar with the situation, you will find amazing moments for yourself. So, I was surprised by that and now Putin has refused to comment on his work in the KGB. To me these are trying to hide something seemed funny. Also was surprised how diplomacy and legalism Putin fits all negotiations.

— Who actually was the Director of the documentary film stone?

Štěpán Kotrba: Oliver stone thought that directed it, because his hands were scissors and Putin knew that telling only what he wants.

Efim, Fistein: Russian critics have called the film the stone “Direct line with Vladimir Putin”. It was a propaganda campaign, led by Putin.

— Putin seeks balance or conflict?

Efim, Fistein: He is looking for opportunities for expansion where there is a chance: in Georgia, in Crimea and elsewhere. He doesn’t want balance, and achieves a place of power for their country.

Štěpán Kotrba: I don’t remember I saw Russian soldiers in Mexico or Cuba. But I can see NATO troops directly on Russia’s borders, which for half a century it was simply impossible to imagine. The idea that Russia will do without the Crimea, seems utopian, because military bases there to Russia, and she needs to kept under control, it needs from the geostrategic point of view.

— Do in some moments of the film, Putin in trouble?

Efim, Fistein: Being an American filmmaker, stone is not able to notice the discrepancy because he does not know the environment details. Stone is not able to catch Putin in the right time. The Director swallows everything, even when Putin says it is not bent in soul because of homosexuals. He is not able to object to Putin and say: “America is not so”.

Štěpán Kotrba: the Interview was not confrontational, but informative. There was no bias on the part of the Director, who wanted confrontation. If you give an example Qubalı interview with Assad, then there is no conflict.

The Prima TV is one of the first in the world showed all four series of the film. We are a propaganda tool, or, on the contrary, it is good that we have that show?

Efim, Fistein: You were right to show the film and organized a debate. Putin does not need to be afraid or praise. He’s funny.

Štěpán Kotrba: When people are taught properly read and understand the facts, to show in the air can be anything. This work by American Director, regardless of good or bad, following democratic principles, the film needs to show. Even the manual creation of the atomic bomb should be available free online. Anybody who is trying to get a monopoly on information, just to make people laugh.

World eyes Putin RGM

RGBA TV channel Prima Zoom showed four-part interview, the American Director Oliver stone has Russian President Vladimir Putin. “This year for all readers of conspiracy sites and “analysts” from the portal Parlamentní listу, and for all those whose eyes light up as soon as I hear the word “chekist”, Christmas came a little early. Everyone else can pay for this new masterpiece of some attention, although to spend on viewing the full four hours is not worth it. But it’s not even Putin, who is in the film, stone’s only doing his job, speaks up and says with a straight face, presenting the vision of the world and events in it, which is typical for the Russian establishment. Are the claims that many of those in any way interested in the subject, already known (either from Putin or from his many local “horns”). However, stone’s film is interesting as a portrait of the Director — a person corresponding to a particular type of people. Talking about the type of progressive representative arts, staying in captivity of false ideas about themselves and their “role in history”,” — portal ECHO 24, the film was described by commentator and writer ondřej Stindl.

He added something else to the address of the Director: “Four years ago, Oliver stone received the award for contribution to world cinema at the festival in Karlovy vary. He got her, being very excited and delighted, especially yourself. He spoke of himself as a born Explorer, who must explore the undeveloped areas, and to prevent them can be given only by death. However, the manner in which he deals with Putin, absolutely contrary to the role of the researcher. Stone well, and really ingratiating nods to whatever the President said. Part of the stone do so because often we are talking about things which the Director does not even have a General idea, and lead with the head of the Kremlin dialogue with awareness, not in his power. And the stone is not even trying to do it. He doesn’t want to explore and without objection takes the President’s words. Sometimes the stone even for Putin completes his thought, and asked questions are often not questions, but just chords”.

A view from the other side

Veronica Suchova-Salminen — historian, comparatist, who since 2010 lives and works as an independent researcher in Finland. Suchova-Salminen publishes reviews, essays and analyses in some Czech media, and recently got her own site There she posted a comment to the TV series directed by Oliver stone. As an epigraph Suchova-Salminen took advantage of Putin’s quote: “I’m not a friend, not the bride and not the groom, I am the President of the Russian Federation. 146 million people — these people have their interests, I am obliged to defend them”.

“This documentary is, of course, many frightened before the show. Immediately after the first series of our media has covered this topic, as always, is critical. For some, the film is propaganda, for others, boredom, banality and lies, and in General it seemed that the journalists speak much better would have coped with the shooting… Maybe so, but this impression gradually began to leave me in the third and fourth interviews, when at some point the stone asked pointed questions. He said that he wanted to capture the sight of Putin on events (not your own, not Western, and not even objective opinion), and in this sense, undoubtedly, the Director succeeded,” wrote Suchova-Salminen.

She added: “In the third and fourth series stone Putin asked the difficult questions, whether about the actions of the Russian government aimed at tracking and collecting data on its own citizens (a controversial package of laws Spring), or the continuation of Putin’s presidency (power corrupts, as stone said Putin in the eye). Was also asked a direct question, is it true that Putin is the richest man in the world, critics say. In other words, stone asked Putin about the things that caused the most criticism of Russia and personally the President. However, could prevent and, most likely, many hampered by the fact that in most cases the stone refers to these problems skeptical and critical,” explains Suchova-Salminen.

A critical look at Putin, according to Veronica

“In the Czech media was that the interview boring, while in social networks people, on the contrary, expressed delight and support. Stone and Putin certainly has not relied on the infotainment genre and scandalous revelations, so the pace of presentation of the views of the President, of course, to some it might seem boring. However, boredom it was only a cursory glance, given that Russia has used to not only speak… And such a diplomatic bomb as a statement that NATO members are allies, and “vassals,” which the United States and spying, sounded not boring (not because it said Putin?). And even more exciting shocking words about what Russia will do everything to restore the strategic balance. The observation that today Russia used the same methods that were used during the times of anti-Semitism that was some exaggeration. However, this statement reflected the irritation, which Russia calls the Western discourse in the spirit of “this is bad Russia””, — evaluates Veronica Suchova-Salminen the reaction of the Czech media for the film.

“Vladimir Putin — a politician, and he doesn’t have to be blatant as in confession. His words and statements should be taken critically with a healthy skepticism and not to treat them as a new song by the popular band, which we so much like its catchy tune. In the film, Putin presents a look at the issues from the point of view of Russia and its interests. By the way, Putin has never concealed that he always cares about Russian national interests. What Putin said is “the tip of the iceberg,” foreign policy, which is primarily done in stealth mode and in the framework of international relations that are not democratic,” — so essentially finished the publicist of your comment.

American enfant terrible Oliver stone

“Oliver stone is an artist who avoids the typical products of Hollywood. He writes, shoots and produces the very popular but extremely controversial in which very often touches on sensitive American themes such as the Vietnam syndrome (“Platoon,” “Born on the fourth of July”), the presidency (“Nixon”, “John F. Kennedy. Shots in Dallas”) and American football (“Every Sunday”),” such information results in the server Č Oliver “pranks” while still young, he entered the prestigious Yale University, but left after a year and went to teach English ethnic tribes in Saigon in Vietnam. In 1967 he joined the army. But soon, his first love that he fights for what is right has passed. Two weeks after the beginning of the service in stone was attacked by members of “Viet Cong” and was wounded in the neck. He survived all the horrors experienced in Vietnam, reflected in the film “Platoon”. Oliver stone was awarded the Bronze star and Purple heart for the wound.

David Halberstam, which won the Pulitzer prize for his reporting from Vietnam called “Platoon” the first realistic film about Vietnam, and one of the best war movies of all time. The film premiered in 1986, starring starred Charlie sheen, Willem Dafoe and Tom Berenger. Critics admired the film. “Platoon” earned 136 million dollars in America alone. He was nominated for eight Oscars, of which four received, including “Best Director”. Fame and other movie — “wall Street”. For him, the co-writer and performer of the main and still the legendary role Michael Douglas received the “Oscar” for best actor. In 1989, stone directed “Born on the fourth of July,” which was nominated for Oscars in eight categories and won four statuettes. One of them went again to the stone. Now, very briefly: “John F. Kennedy. Shots in Dallas”, the film as a tribute to the beloved Jim Morrison of “the doors”, “natural Born killers”, “Nixon”… Perhaps in Hollywood don’t like stone, but his success is undeniable.

Putin was not the first who has earned mixed reviews. The same fate befell the documentary “Comandante” working on it, stone personally visited one of the worst enemies of America Fidel Castro. The Director presented Castro as a man who is inconvenienced by the government, and showed that being a dictator is not so simple… Also Oliver stone made a documentary about Hugo Chavez and the political leaders of the Latin American “pink tide”, as well as any critics of the film “the Untold history of the United States”.