World tourism in quarantine where you can relax in Ukraine

Domestic tourism will recover until you reach the border

Pandemic coronavirus
forced many countries to close borders and to refuse to tourists in the near future. Many Ukrainians refuse to book tours and is planning this summer to sit at home. As the quarantine affected the global tourism and what about domestic tourism in Ukraine – it is in the author’s article on the website Today.

Due to the fact that other countries still for a long time may be closed to tourists may increase the demand for travel in Ukraine. In addition, we have the country’s many interesting destinations, which are, unfortunately, not everyone knows.

“Organized by the domestic tourism requires the development of a different infrastructure than the one available. The number of those who choose to stay in Ukraine, even after the opening of the borders will increase. First, the fear of airports as places of a congestion of people, and secondly, the Ukrainians will be less money. Will be a popular tourism, recreation savage of the sea, green tourism in the Carpathians. I really hope that the industry worldwide will be able to recover without major upheavals. In the worst case, we expect bankruptcy of hotels, airlines, tour operators, travel agents,” says forecasts Deputy Director of the tourist company “Laguna” Yana Kovalenko

Experts believe that the full recovery of the tourism industry will take several years. Nick Lissitzky
the Wonders tour&Holidays, added that, most likely in June we will begin to travel around the country, but foreign travel will open by the end of summer or beginning of autumn.

“Domestic tourism will recover in the first place, until the border opens. The most popular will be the nature of the Carpathians first and foremost. And in July-August — seaside resorts. First and foremost recover an individual automobile tourism — this audience more resources and higher mobility,” says Lissitsky.


Local Historian Anton Kovalishin
says that, given the online trends that emerged during the period of quarantine, some Ukrainians might be interested in tours to the places associated with Ukrainian artists.

“For example, in Konotop Sumy region, his career began to Kazimir Malevich. While in the city knows where it was sold his first painting, and that’s where the family lived Malevich – one of the location of his house is still not detected. There you can get acquainted with the venue of the famous Konotop battle. Near the village of Pidlypne preserved part of the defensive structures in the form of star fortress, you can see it from space on Google maps and explore the coastal ramparts,” says Kovalishin.

He added that on the way to Konotop you can visit Buchanan, scorzonera, and drive a little farther in the direction Krolevets, to visit one of the largest, but ruined temples, Desert Rykhlovsky monastery, which was situated on 37 hectares (comparable with the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra) and had their caves.

We will remind, the Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic integration Vadym Prystayko said in an interview with “Today” that the Ukrainians should think twice whether it is the end of the epidemic of the coronavirus and the lifting of quarantine to go on vacation to Europe

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