There are new details of the mysterious disappearance of Colonel of the national guard in the Donbass

The journalist Yury Butusov said that looked the video of the battle with the enemy, after which the national guard under Colonel Alexander Boyko disappeared. About this he wrote in Facebook.

It is noted that the smartly attached to a camera before a combat exit, which took him his men, when thought that he died after injuries.

“Well seen, as was a group. The first was an experienced fighter-gunner. He was followed by Sam Boyko. The group traveled in dense deciduous woods, on rough terrain, off-roads and trails. Went gently, properly, with the necessary distance, control of the situation, the commander controlling the movement. It was morning, about 11 hours, but the dense forest shade well-masked group, and at a distance of 20 metres silhouettes of scouts were already hardly noticeable,” – said Butusov seen on video.

But suddenly they spotted an enemy group, which began the shelling of the Ukrainian scouts.

“Suddenly the band was fired from small arms. They were not in an open area to see them was difficult. Obviously, the reconnaissance group of the enemy managed to detect the silhouettes, and opened fire. It was a great luck for our fighters, visibility was extremely limited due to foliage. However, for the same reason, the enemy fire did not last long and was not efficient. The video shows how he opened our fire, and as Alexander himself has from his machine. But the enemy was hard to see and shoot the horn, the commander ceased firing. And then he fell to the ground”, – the journalist wrote.

He explained that during a firefight, the enemy managed to shoot the Colonel.

“The record shows that he was seriously injured. You can see the wound on one leg torn by a bullet to the Shin, but it is clear there were other wounds. The condition was serious, because smartly said nothing and did not groan. His hand raised (his fighters. – Ed.) – and she fell. And then it was obvious that the wounds on his feet was imposed turnstiles, and it began to bear. But then the band broke up. Experienced gunner broke away for some reasons from the group and left to himself. And another experienced fighter was left with three newcomers. They say now that the group commander was killed. Therefore, the commander’s body left. He removed the weapon and important types of equipment, including the camcorder. When filming the camera, flashed face,” – writes Butusov.

He emphasized that later on the place where he left smartly, leaving the two groups, however, are unable to detect it.

As reported, Oleksandr Boyko went missing in the area of military conflict in the Donbas on June 20 during a combat mission in the Luhansk region. the NSU suggested that it may be in captivity at fighters.