The death of Ukrainians in the Congo: in the media there are new details

On Board of the aircraft an-12 that crashed in Congo were so-called migrant workers, among whom were three Ukrainians. It is reported citing a source.

It is reported that the dead had previously signed with the Ministry of defence of the Congo, the contract on cargo transportation.

According to the source, these aircraft have long been written off, they are old, but the pilots from the former Soviet Union know how to fly them and continue to take orders, as in this case they agreed to carry on them a burden.


  • Details of the plane crash in Khmelnytskyi region, killing two pilots

We will remind, on 30 September in Congo suffered a crash a military plane, which killed 12 people. According to an eyewitness of the tragedy, the plane caught fire and crashed shortly after take-off from ndjili airport.

“The Minister of defence of the Republic of the Congo, Crispin Atama Tabe said that in the crash of a military plane An-12 were killed 12 members of the crew,” reported by the media.

Today, October 1, in the media it was reported, citing a source in the Armed forces of Ukraine, among the dead were three Ukrainian.