Health in Ukraine — at the level of Spain: what diseases often kill Ukrainians

The world health organization published a study that identified the most healthy and most unhealthy state. Ukraine was next door with the leading countries of Europe.

EXCISE AND FOOD. By the standards of the who, the healthiest countries in the world are Afghanistan, Guinea and Niger, and the most unhealthy — the Czech Republic, Russia, Slovenia and the United States. Ukraine has not got neither to the leaders nor to outsiders, although it was in the “red zone” rating. The situation is the same as in Spain, France, Germany and the UK. For the year from non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in our country died 605 thousand, which is approximately 90% of all deaths. The success of Ukraine in the organization include the increase of excise duties on alcohol and tobacco, the collection of data on the deceased from NC and the promotion of physical activity among the population.

However, problematic issues still a lot. For example, there is no national programme for diabetes or cancer. Has a negative impact on the Ukrainian positions and the lack of anti-tobacco media campaigns. The prohibition of alcohol advertising we have only a partial success, but with the promotion of healthy food all bad. So, in Ukraine there is no policy to reduce the consumption of salt, TRANS fats and fatty acids. In addition, the country is too strongly influenced by advertising of harmful products on children.

The STUDY. The main evaluation criterion was the number of deaths from non-communicable diseases (diseases of the cardiovascular system, cancer, and diabetes), as well as the steps taken by the government to reduce this figure. According to who experts, the situation also affects the presence of netstrategy against NZ and collect any information about mortality from. Also, take into account measures to reduce consumption of alcohol, tobacco and unhealthy food.

“We urgently need to build on the successes in the battle against the NC. The window of opportunity to save lives is closed, and in the world, more and more people, especially children and adolescents are obese, overweight and diabetes,” — said the Director of who’s prevention of noncommunicable diseases Douglas Betcher.

THE WORK GOES ON. Medical expert of the Fund “Revival” Elena Kucheruk confirms that the situation with non-communicable diseases in the country is really bad. While the worst is the case with cardiovascular diseases.

“Then I even wonder how we ended up at the level of France and the UK, where the question is on a completely different level, she says. But this is exactly the point that under the medical reform are trying to solve. In particular, creating a separate public health Center. This is the institution that should be responsible for prevention of such things. That is all about healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. We have not performed this function — she fell out of the existing health care system”.