Poroshenko commented on the election results in Germany

The victory of the ruling bloc of the Christian democratic Union (CDU) and Christian social Union (CSU) in the elections to the Bundestag will have a positive impact on Ukraine, said the representative of the President of Ukraine in the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Lutsenko (fraction “Block of Petro Poroshenko”).

“Extremely good news for us, because Angela Merkel was the main active force, and under her leadership, Germany was the country that unites the European public for the imposition of sanctions, to continue sanctions pressure on Russia. Germany and, in particular, Merkel, included in the “Channel four”, she takes a firm stance in support of Ukraine”, – Lutsenko told journalists on Monday in Kiev.

Summing up, the MP expressed confidence that Merkel will continue its work, will have a good result for Ukraine.

Merkel is going to form the government

According to published on Monday morning to official data, the CDU/CSU is leading in the elections to the Bundestag, receiving 33% of votes. According to preliminary estimates, the deputies of the CDU/CSU will take 246 seats out of 709 – 65 less than in the previous elections.

In second place (20,5%) – social Democrats (SPD), their rates were the most unfortunate since the Second world war. The presence of the SPD in the Bundestag will be reduced to 40 seats.

Far-right party “Alternative for Germany” (ADH), established only four years ago, scored 12.6% and first took place in the Bundestag (94). This party opposes further EU integration and considers dangerous the growing number of Muslims in the country.