Five reasons never to skip Breakfast

Nutritionists call the morning meal is the most important, it is not surprising that we are still taught from childhood close to lunch. After eating our body wakes up and configured on a productive day, writes

So here are five main reasons why you should eat Breakfast:

  • Accelerating the metabolism

Breakfast normalizes the digestive system and helps speed up the metabolism. In the morning our body is exhausted: approximately eight hours it had not received the food and water that generate energy and good health. During the night metabolism naturally slows down. In the morning it is necessary to “Wake up”. The easiest way to do this is to eat Breakfast. And for Breakfast, you need to choose the most healthy meals that won’t become a gastronomic shock (in not a very pleasant sense of the word) for the body.


  • What foods increase mental capacity

Experts recommend to eat for Breakfast oatmeal with fruit. This dish for a long time energizes the body and speed up metabolism.

  • Weight stabiliziruemost

To lose weight, start with grueling workouts and hunger diets, and Breakfast. Just consistently eat Breakfast and do not miss the sacred morning meal.

  • The diet is healthy

A great start to lunch correctly: choose for a morning meal high-calorie desserts, sweet cereals and porridges of fast preparation. Use of such food little. If you’ve decided to eat Breakfast, be careful in preparing its morning ration. Easy on the eggs, yoghurt, cheese, fruit, and cereals. Regarding the latter, the choice is wide: oat-flakes, barley, barley and rice porridge. Of healthy eating cannot be tired. Regular oatmeal every day to cook in new ways. Monday try it served with a handful of fresh berries. Tuesday -add to porridge honey and banana.

  • Increased attentiveness

A full Breakfast helps. Meal the morning of an important meeting or a difficult test. Try to choose Breakfast foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. They stimulate the brain and instantly increase the concentration.

  • Mood

Breakfast is the best way to regain strength, get rid of fatigue and enjoy the everyday little things. During Breakfast, the body wakes up and gets nutrients that effectively raise the spirits.