Three things you should check before booking on Airbnb

Not to spoil your vacation, always pay attention these points.

Cancellation policy

Policies depend on the owner of the apartment and can be “Flexible”, “Moderate”, “Severe” and “Very severe”. For example, Flexible rules allow to obtain a 100% refund in case of cancellation of the reservation by the indicated date (usually seven days before of arrival).

It is therefore very important to carefully read the fine print before booking a room. In some cases, you will be able to reimburse only 50 percent of the amount paid or lose all the money, depending on which rules set by the property owner.


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Ratings and reviews

This may seem obvious, but always read the experiences of previous guests. Read a few pages of reviews to get an idea of how friendly the owner, how was the settlement and was maintained as to whether the cleanliness of the apartment. Grades for “Accuracy”, “Sociability”, “Cleanliness”, “Location” and “Moving” should be at least four to five stars.

Explore the area

Location of the apartment is important. Make a list of sights, restaurants and activities that you plan to visit and rent an apartment nearby. Make sure public transportation or rental cars are close by. Explore additional options: Elevator, Parking, Wi-Fi.


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