What fruit improves eyesight better than carrots

You probably were not even aware that such fruits as persimmons are very beneficial for our vision. It contains a lot of nutrients important for human health, so persimmon recommended to use both healthy people and those suffering from various diseases.

So, what are the medicinal properties have persimmon:

  • Boosts immunity

This fruit has enough vitamin C, which is of importance for the immune system is considered the most important. Autumn is the time when it Matures and increases the risk of catching the virus, you must at least twice a week to add to the diet of persimmons.

  • Satisfies hunger

The fact is that by glucose, this fruit is well nourishes the human body, and it eliminates the desire to eat. If you are on a diet, eat a persimmon for lunch or afternoon tea, so you get to ignore the extra snacking that can lead to weight gain.

  • Improves vision

In the persimmon, just like carrots, contains beta-carotene, this means that it is very useful for vision. By regular consumption of persimmon, the vision will become clearer.

  • Cleans the digestive tract from toxic substances

Persimmon is useful for the health of the gastrointestinal tract due to its content of pectin, possessing absorbent properties.

  • Good for the heart

Persimmons, and bananas are rich in potassium, which has beneficial effects on blood vessels, strengthening them and preventing the development of heart disease.


  • The healing properties of persimmon: why this fruit is so good for your health

By the way, at least in persimmon and a lot of fructose, it allow you to eat for diabetics. However, in small quantities and in dried form. Thus, sweet fruit could easily replace the need for a person to eat a delicious candy. You can also give dried persimmon children, at least it’s better than chocolates and other sweets.