Ukraine in the archives of the CIA: the UPA, rockets and UFOs

US intelligence dozens of years have closely followed the life in Ukraine, especially when the country was part of the USSR. This is evidenced by the documents that the CIA has declassified and published on its website.

Sabotage the UPA (banned in Russia organization — approx. ed.), the work of Paton and Amos, and even the number of beds in the hotels of Vinnitsa — all that is very interested in intelligence. In total across Ukraine gathered 11 thousand 142 of the document. “Vesti” figured out, what was reported by agents to the headquarters in Langley.

Bandera and undermining HPP

The CIA is very closely watching rebel movements in the USSR. So, according to the American archives, the UPA has undermined the objects of energy infrastructure, even before “how did this become mainstream” during the Crimean blackout 2015.

In the report dated March 31, 1947, reported two such cases. “In December 1946, the UPA saboteurs blew up a power plant in Lviv. Now the city receives energy from Ternopil. Two days earlier, in the Kiev region undermined the Korsun-Shevchenko HPS on the river ROS. The action committed by the rebels of the UPA. The flood that followed the explosion resulted in the flooding of the entire region. There were many victims among the population”, — the report says.

In particular, the Americans tracked news that were published in the international press about the murder of Stepan Bandera — Bogdan Stalinskom. For example, there is the publication of the “Chicago tribune” for March, 1984 that he is hiding in South Africa. Note, in some places, the papers floated to hide the names of the agents or other secrets.

About Chernobyl knew before the people of Kiev

Very carefully in the archives tracked the theme of the Chernobyl accident and its consequences: is the analyst at the weather situation after the explosion, about how varied the situation over time. Interestingly, on may 1-2 in the headquarters had full information about the disaster, whereas in the USSR the first article in the newspaper “Pravda” about the explosion appeared only on 4 may.

Rockets and maps of Vinnytsia

The Americans knew a lot about the defense industry of Ukraine. So, in October 1969, Langley received a detailed report on placement 25 missile complexes SA-3 along the black sea coast.

Separately, the agents gave the CIA the map data. For example, in 1953 it became known that in Dnipropetrovsk (then closed to foreigners) there is a new road on the street Working, is a prison and military sites. Separate schemes have caused the location of the plants. Almost complete information was about other cities, including regional centers. Recorded even such details as the length of the bridges, the location of hospitals, number of beds and rooms in hotels.

By the way, in 1953 the CIA even considered that 7% of the population of Ukraine is able to catch on your radio “voice” of foreign radio stations — probably was just thinking of the possible “reach” of the audience of anti-Soviet propaganda.

About science and UFOs

In a public archive, which consists in General of 930 thousand documents in more than 12 million pages, a lot of attention paid to the subject of UFOs and the study of psychic abilities. In particular, there are reports that Soviet scientists in 1968, has denied reports of flying saucers, which allegedly were seen over Ukraine.

Almost all the major scientists in the CIA had opened a card file and lists of their works. Among the most famous is Mikhail Yangel, Boris Paton, Mykola Amosov.

How will it affect Ukraine

Political analyst Kost Bondarenko believes that the serious consequences of such information will not have, and its reliability must be treated with skepticism.

“To her, I would be treated carefully, including the OUN-UPA (banned in Russia organization — approx. ed.). For example, I in the beginning 90 very carefully studied the archives of the Communist party in Lviv region and I can say that nowhere on any top-secret the report does not say that in 1946 in Lviv has been undermined by the power plant. Also unlikely would have passed unnoticed undermining the hydroelectric power station in the district of Korsun-Shevchenko. And the Soviet propaganda would simply be no reason to hide the “sins” of the OUN. The fact is that in 1946, having lost sources of funding, the OUN was looking for sponsors in the United States and Britain and, in order to Express themselves, create fake reports about his “work”. Check US intelligence could not. Here and take the “blowing up” HPP. As for other consequences, the security services dossier on modern politdeyateley give a very dosed, “vymaryvaya” moments that could damage”, — explained the “news” Kost Bondarenko.

In his opinion, this information is more useful for PR and historians — for them it is an occasion to review some of the concepts.