Breakfast at trump: who among the Ukrainian politicians will be to prepare sandwiches

Today in Washington (USA) held a national prayer Breakfast, which will be attended by President Donald trump, as well as a delegation of Ukrainians of about 50 people. “Today,” found out who among Russian politicians went to the States and why.

THE MONEY AND FOOD. Reception in the United States is held at the “Washington Hilton” every year, every first Thursday of February. Organize the event for political and business elite of the world could meet in an informal setting to discuss issues, build relationships and ask for support. This year the Breakfast visit dozens of Ukrainian politicians.

“On the first Thursday of February for 65 years in a row, the Senate and the Congress of the United States carried out the national Prayer Breakfast, which is collected by the government, the opposition, the Parliament is required to present the US President, the US Armed forces… Also somewhere 50 years ago, they began inviting international delegations and over time it has become one of the most powerful spiritual experiences. The spiritual situation in the world, when up to 5-7 thousand people from about 150-200 countries in the world… this year we expect somewhere around 170-180 countries together to discuss spiritual values that unite people. On the subject sharing my thoughts first persons of many States, as well as famous singers. Participants were Andrea Bocelli (Italian singer – Ed.) and Jackie Ivanko (American singer of Ukrainian descent – Ed.) and world famous speakers such as Tony Blair, the famous Hollywood Director Randal Klizer and many other”, – told “Segodnya” the coordinator of the Ukrainian delegation at the prayer Breakfast, the MP from NF Pavel Unguryan.

The Ukrainian delegation, according to the MP, traditionally invited through the prayer group, which meets in Parliament for about 10 years. This year the Ukrainian delegation represented mainly by representatives of local government, public, scientific, religious, educational, socio-humanitarian organizations. There are also some politicians.

“But if you take the entire delegation from the Ukraine, perhaps, policies are only half present. There are representatives of almost all parliamentary factions. Because the policy of this event is to represent not only the power, or not only the opposition but also representatives of all factions. In the US it is very important that on this day they were declared taboo, the moratorium on political topics. This year the Ukrainian delegation consists of about 50 people”, – explained the MP.

In particular, this year at the invitation of the U.S. Senate responded to more than 20 Ukrainian parliamentarians, including the people’s Deputy from BPP Valery Karpuntsov and the people’s Deputy from “popular front” George Legwinski. The latter said he was not at the inauguration of the trump because of his work PACE, however, at a prayer Breakfast will be required. Also invited the head of the political power of the “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Tymoshenko with colleagues — the people’s Deputy Nemyria and Serhiy Vlasenko.

According to people’s Deputy from BPP Oksana Bilozir, she, along with MP from NF Paul Ungureanu will lead “the Ukrainian prayer Breakfast”. As explained by the MP Unguryan, Ukrainian Breakfast for seven years in a row is part of the Prayer Breakfast with the U.S. President. There, according to Paul Unguryan, invited American and European friends. In General, the Ukrainian Breakfast is expected up to 200 people.

Note that the invitation to the Prayer Breakfast is free, but etiquette demands that guests will still have to spend money — they should each make a charitable contribution. According to media reports, the amount ranges between $25,000 and $500,000, but, as it became known “Today” from their sources in the parliamentary environment, the MPs will decide for themselves how much to donate, and the amounts will vary from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. However, according to Pavel Unguryan, in the media there was confusion around the Breakfast, which took place in the framework of the inaugural events today. “At the inauguration was Breakfast, and he was part of the sponsorship package, which is sold by the organising Committee. Honestly, I just heard about this and know little. But know that after the sites were sold some packages, I want to go to the ball, I want for Breakfast. For Breakfast today I come ninth or tenth year in a row and have the pleasure to coordinate part of the delegation. Here about it (money – Ed.) the conversation did not go. Don’t know about charitable contributions that are, perhaps, some American participants. Perhaps they are. On the part of Ukraine that is not provided”, – said the MP from NF.

As for the food, the menu every year choose the ordinary: fried potatoes, eggs, juices, yogurt, jam, coffee. Interestingly, from year to year, there is a tradition when guests gather themselves sandwiches of bread, cheese, butter, herbs, bacon and other products.

STATUS OF THE GAME. An expert on international Affairs Andrew Buzarov notes that directly to Ukraine, our delegation it is unlikely that it will bring. “Max, they will get some kind of unofficial information that could not release. Generally speaking this event is designed to ensure that the American establishment was networking. I think that the Ukrainian people’s deputies who were there, will try to do the same,” he says. Politekspert Volodymyr Fesenko part in the reception of Ukrainian parliamentarians estimates critically: “At a prayer Breakfast, no negotiations are underway. All the members of the delegation done in the future to say that we were having Breakfast with trump. And they will tell you that they almost met him. But the US President with the rank and file deputies is not found. He even Ministers are not found and extremely rare with premieres. For example, Obama met with Yatsenyuk in 2014, but because we had not yet had a President as such. So political language is called the status game, and for a simple layman it can be called just a show-off.”