Millions of medals, and political parties: who gets how much from the budget-2018

before the budget for 2018 was submitted to the Verkhovna Rada last Friday, September 15. On Monday published the text of the main estimates. As follows from the document, revenues and expenditures of the state budget in 2018 for the first time in history will be a trillion-dollar: revenues amounted to 1,119 trillion (+15% by 2017), and the cost – 1,198 trillion UAH. The budget deficit was 2.4% of GDP (79.2 billion UAH).

The draft budget is traditionally given all the budgetary funds managers and budget programmes, implementation of which is allocated specific funding. “Today” provides data on the total financing of each government.

In addition, the draft budget of Ukraine laid a significant increase in the financing activities of Central state institutions – the Cabinet of Ministers, the President and the Verkhovna Rada. The office of Rada is provided by 69%, or 682 million UAH more than in 2017. 39%, or 679 million UAH compared to 2017 will increase financing of the State administration, and to ensure the work of the President in 2018, provided by 44%, or 296 million UAH more than this year. The Cabinet office will receive funding for 244%, or 1,067 billion UAH more than in 2017.

The amount of funds allocated to the Pension Fund, in 2018 is expected to be $ 141,3 billion UAH, i.e. maintained at a level of 2017. But this amount includes the costs for the implementation of measures to reform the pension system of Ukraine. The government assures that the provided volume of state budget expenditures for the Pension Fund will ensure payment of pensions and allowances in accordance with applicable law.

The interdepartmental Commission on state investment projects for 2018 selected for funding five projects:

  • Ministry of health – “Construction of modern medical diagnostic complex of National children’s specialized hospital “OKHMATDYT” provided 929,6 mln UAH, and the budget program “Reconstruction and expansion of the National cancer Institute” – 168,6 million;
  • The state administration of Affairs –”Restoration of the Mariinsky Palace in Kiev” – UAH 200 million;
  • Ukravtodor “Improving the condition of public roads in Lviv region” – 357,6 million;
  • Ministry – “Reconstruction of hydraulic structures of the protective arrays of the Dnieper reservoirs” – 44.1 million UAH.


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Some of the budget programs, which will be spent taxpayers ‘ money:

  • Coverage of the activities of the Verkhovna Rada through the means of television and radio broadcasting and the financial support of the newspaper “Voice of Ukraine” – UAH 61.6 million;
  • Production of state awards and memorials – 47.6 million UAH;
  • Fundamental and applied research in public administration, strategic issues of domestic and foreign policy and on issues of mediation and conciliation in solving collective labour disputes (conflicts) – 56 million UAH;
  • The contents of the four institutions of natural reserve Fund, subordinate to the State administration – UAH 39.3 million;
  • Financial support of the National chamber ensemble “Kyiv soloists”, National cultural-art and Museum complex “mystetskyi Arsenal”, the newsletter “Official messenger of the President of Ukraine” – UAH 55,2 mln.;
  • The operationalisation of the development Fund of innovation – 50 million;
  • Activities to support leadership development in Ukraine – UAH 15 million;
  • State support of physical culture and sports society “Dynamo”, organization and carrying out works on development of physical culture and sports among the workers and soldiers of law enforcement agencies – 21.7 million UAH;
  • State support of construction of mine No. 10 “Novovolynsk” – 10 million UAH. This expenditure will provide support services in trouble-free condition prior to a decision by Ministry on the continuing operation of the mine-house or until a decision on its privatization;
  • Financial support for the development of tourism – 27,9 million UAH;
  • Contributions to the budgets of UN bodies and specialized agencies of the UN system, other international organizations and Treaty bodies – 645,2 million;
  • Financial support of the creative unions in the field of media, press – 1,3 million UAH;
  • Implementation of measures for European and Euro-Atlantic integration in the information sector – 14 million UAH;
  • Support cultural and recreational and social activities of the financial system to 6.56 million;
  • Funding of statutory activities of political parties – 513,7 million.