In Estonia, the lightning strike damaged darajasida electric

In Estonia, the lightning strike damaged darajasida electric Nissan Leaf. About the unusual insurance event is reported by “Motor” with reference to Postimees.

Due to a lightning strike in a house in grid have been a power surge, and all wiring was burned out. Have sarajevogas at the time the Nissan Leaf has suffered battery charger – the amount of damage is estimated at 4 thousand euros. About 90 percent of the total amount is the cost of a replacement charger module. The owner will repair the car for insurance.

According to the Nissan dealer a cent in Estonia Henry Douma, this is the first such insurance in the case of electric cars, although customers have encountered other problems. For example, the melt contacts the charger. Before charging it recommends to verify the presence of grounding and use a modern electrical system. In this case problems should arise.

Depending on configuration, the Nissan Leaf was offered with a battery capacity of 24 or 30 kilowatt-hour. The engine is rated at 109 horsepower and has a range of up to 250 kilometers. Today the Nissan Leaf is considered the most popular electric vehicles in the world since 2010, sold more than 230,000 copies.

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