White tale called Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg located on the Baltic sea, the second largest city of Russia after Moscow. In an article for Sabah Tatil Explorer tourism Ozsoy EDA (Eda Özsoy) shares his impressions from a visit to this city, where in the summer the sun never sets.

I want to tell you about the magnificent city where the person gets in the white Wonderland. In Saint-Petersburg — the city of canals and bridges — there are 350 bridges and 42 Islands. The city was founded in 1703 by Peter the great and known as “the window through which Russia looks on Europe.” Here there are traces of history and culture, Dating back to the days of centuries ago, and is almost half the cultural heritage of Russia. The architecture of this city is so impressive that you’ll find yourself in a magical world. The best time to visit Saint-Petersburg with a population of five million people, which stands on the Neva river with a length of 75 kilometers, — summer. From early June to late July here you can watch white nights when the sun fully sets and even in the middle of the night light. After 21 June, when is the summer solstice, the day begins gradually to decline, but before the end of July you have the chance to see white nights.

The heart of the city — Nevsky prospect

The endless Avenue of St. Petersburg — Moskovsky Prospekt, which stretches for 14 kilometers. When you’re moving right along this Avenue, you find yourself on the Moscow highway, and therefore, Moskovsky Prospekt you can also submit as a highway connecting Moscow with St. Petersburg, with a length of 700 kilometers. The heart of the city is its main Nevsky Prospekt, which stretches for 4.5 kilometers. Here you can shop, see historical sites or to visit a cafe, drinking tea or coffee. In this prospectus you should definitely go to the so-called “Literary café”, where he visited Pushkin. Among other frequently visited places — the “Champs patisserie”, reminiscent of the Markiz on the street, the Istiklal street in Istanbul, the building is “singer”, where the upper floor is again, a patisserie, and at the bottom, the “House of books”, the Terrace restaurant, overlooking the Kazan Cathedral. In the center stands St. Isaac’s Cathedral is like a unique piece of jewelry. This Cathedral, which is the second largest in Russia and fourth in the world, was built in the XIX century. The construction of St. Isaac’s Cathedral lasted 40 years, and its construction has been spent 20 million silver rubles. The dome took more than 100 kilograms of gold, on the interior — more than 300 kilograms of gold. The construction of the columns continued for ten years. Today the Cathedral has the status of a Museum.

The Hermitage blinds

The Hermitage Museum, one of the largest art galleries in the world, is also located in St. Petersburg. The Museum complex included in the Guinness Book of world records, consists of five buildings. The Palace, which was built in the period from 1752 to 1764 the years by the Italian architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli by order of Elizabeth, daughter of Peter the Great, and was used as a winter residence, started to turn into a Museum during the reign of Catherine II. “Hermitage” means “place of solitude”. The Museum houses an amazing art collection. 15 thousand paintings, 12 thousand sculptures, and about a million coins and medals. Therefore, in this Museum complex, you need to follow the route. Inspection of the Hermitage will take at least two hours, and you should allocate time. In addition, the Museum has some attendance rules, related, for example, with breaks, photography.

Symbol — fountain

Another place you should visit in Saint-Petersburg Palace of Peterhof, Peter the Great built in the early XVIII century. On the territory of the complex, situated on a plot of 607 hectares, pools, statues, gazebos, fountains and summer houses. They say that Peter, who after the victory over the Swedes wished to build a residence similar to the famous Palace of Versailles, involved in the construction of more than five thousand workers. Fountain “Samson” is known as a symbol of the Palace.


© RIA Novosti, Oleg Makarov | go to photobacteria-Park ensemble Peterhof

Take a tour of the canal, buy amber

In St. Petersburg there are good restaurants that offer traditional Russian cuisine. Also there are places where you can try national dishes of different peoples of the world.

Along with the abundance of historical monuments of Saint Petersburg is also famous for its night life. There are clubs and attractions, and clubs that are mostly visited by Russian.

One of the heroes that first come to mind at the mention of Russia — Grigory Rasputin. Take a tour in the footsteps of Rasputin and learn its history.

Kunstkammer on the Neva is considered the first Museum in Russia.

Be sure to take tours of the canals of the city. The period from late may to late August is an auspicious time for this.

On Nevsky Prospekt you can find Souvenirs of individual design. Pay attention to amber. Don’t forget about the dolls!

Due to the fact that Russia uses the Cyrillic alphabet, you may be difficult to understand the inscription on the subway and some public places. For the opportunity to commit