“Marshall plan for Ukraine” can approve in November: details and perspectives

The foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament has prepared a preliminary draft resolution, which stipulates the recommendation to provide the European Commission and the European investment Bank mandate for the implementation of the Marshall Plan for Ukraine. About this site “Today” said the head of the parliamentary Committee on foreign Affairs Anna hopko.

We are talking about the “New European investment plan for Ukraine” by former Prime Minister of Lithuania, and nowadays the Deputy of the Sejm of Andrius Kubilius. It was first presented at the meeting of the Interparliamentary Assembly Ukraine-Poland-Lithuania in March this year. Earlier in an interview with “Today,” Andrius Kubilius said that the group of Lithuanian politicians together with the Ukrainian Parliament has already presented the so-called Marshall Plan for Ukraine in Berlin, Brussels and London. Now, according to Kubilius, developed a technical plan is a Supplement to the core of a New investment plan for Ukraine.

In an interview with “Today,” Hanna hopko said that until 24 September the Cabinet of Ministers should finalize and submit a technical plan.

“The government, in accordance with the order established a joint working group should develop proposals of various ministries the first draft – the vision of the Marshall Plan. Then this draft, as said Stepan Ivanovich (Deputy Prime Minister Stepan Kubiv – Ed.) will be submitted to the parliamentary committees for economic development Ivanchuk (NF MP Andriy Ivanchuk – Ed.) The Galasyuk (Committee for industrial policy and entrepreneurship of the people’s Deputy from “Radical party” Victor Galasyuk – Ed.) and on foreign Affairs. It is very important to work as one national team. Because the government can come in and say that you need to take, for example, the law on concessions or the renewal of confidence in the banking sector. That is, each has its own role. The presidential administration, which is responsible for political dialogue with Chancellor Merkel, Macron, discusses political agreement on financing. The government is content for which projects the funds will be allocated. And the Parliament – legislative initiatives”, – explained the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on foreign Affairs.

According to Andrius Kubilius, previously considered three promising investment areas in which they can send the money on the so-called Marshall Plan for Ukraine: infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.), small and medium business (cheap loans, business support) and decentralized (regional development).

Anna hopko said that in November of this year before the Eastern partnership summit, which will be in Brussels, the Ukrainian delegation must submit their papers, which should be approved at the summit.

“Now there is a draft resolution, which is discussed in the foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament. And here, in particular, you can clearly see it is written: “the implementation of the New European investment plan for Ukraine and other member countries of the Eastern partnership programme…”. Here again it is written: “the European Commission together with the European investment Bank.” That is, that they have actually instruct the Commission to study the implementation mechanisms of the New European investment plan for Ukraine”, – summed up the CSAC.

We will remind, according to Deputy Prime Minister Stepan Kubiv, the New European investment plan of Ukraine for 10 years and provides for the allocation of 5 billion euros per year, which will help to reach the 6-8% GDP growth. Kubiv predicts that by 23 September, the government will prepare concrete proposals on mechanisms for the implementation of the plan, and the final project must be proposed to the Eastern partnership summit, which will take place in Brussels on 24 November. Funds for implementation of the action plan Ukraine, along with Lithuania planning to attract from a pool of international partners and investors, among them the EU, USA, Canada, Japan, European investment Bank, the financial institutions of Lithuania and other organizations.

According to Andrius Kubilius, in February and March of 2018 will host a conference of donors, which could additionally would participate in the implementation of the Marshall Plan for Ukraine.