Headache in the morning: doctors said the main reason

If you repeatedly encounter the fact that in the morning you have a “split” head, to postpone the visit to the doctor should not. It turns out that such a symptom may have several causes, pointing to different diseases, according to med2.ru.

So here is the most important of them:

  • Sleep apnea

The patient this disease person often at night he stops breathing, this is due to the fact that the brain is not receiving sufficient oxygen, which leads to such consequence as headaches in the morning.

  • Brain cancer

A malignant tumor is a foreign body, plus, it gradually increases and stretches the cover of the brain, and this may contribute to the development of headaches, manifested after sleep.

  • The deficit of caffeine

Caffeine helps accelerate the blood flow to the brain, and if we abandon it, the brain will give signals similar to those that occur during withdrawal from drug addicts and alcoholics.

  • Alcohol for dinner

Scientists say that regardless of the amount of alcohol consumed over the evening meal, on the morning of head ache. The fact is that alcohol damages brain neurotransmitters, causing as a result, there is a headache or even a migraine.

  • Migraine

This is a very common disease that often affects women ranging from adolescence. Migraine virtually untreatable, because it is a genetic disease. Unless the patient can stop pain by using drugs or other methods that recommend him to the doctor.


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As we can see, the causes of headaches in the morning quite not veiled, and each of them can optionally be eliminated, but it is necessary to consult a therapist, and then make the decision on how to proceed to improve your health and eliminate the causes of morning headaches.