We pay for water and heating in a new way: what will change and who will have to fork out

The Ukrainian government has given clarification on the new Law “On commercial accounting utilities” which came into force on Aug. “Today” figured out how the Ukrainians in the future will be billed for water and heat.

THE HOLE IN THE PIPE AT ALL. The Cabinet noted that the purpose of the new rules is to ensure that the resource is entering the building (water and heat) are paid at 100%. “However, after the rule was published, there was a lot of speculation. One of the biggest myths of the law to ignore the indications of room counters. In fact, he distinguishes two types of heat metering of hot and cold water: a metering (obschedomovoy) and the node distribution into account (housing),” — say in the government.

The difference between the indicators of the house counter and the sum of the readings of apartment will be shared between all tenants. For example, according to the testimony of common parts counter went in the house 16 cubic meters of cold water, and the amount of all indications of room counters was 15 cubes. The difference in 1 cube and will be scattered on all apartment. “If, for example, hot water is poured through a leaky pipe in the basement, it will eventually have to pay all consumers. Therefore, apartment owners should take care, as before, the qualitative maintenance and good condition of intrahouse networks”, — stressed in the Cabinet. In addition, the experts recalled the importance of timely transmission of the data room counters.

Important nuance. If all tenants are counters in the apartments, the loss will be spread equally on all. If the house has tenants without meters, people with the metering devices will pay for them, and the rest will be distributed to the heated common areas and, conventionally, a leaky water supply pipe”, — told the “Today” energy expert, “Reanimation package of reforms” Svyatoslav Pavlyuk.

CONTROL AND SAVINGS. What are the benefits of the new law for the ordinary consumer? “After meters were installed, everyone will pay only for actually consumed energy, and not abstract, certain estimated or regulations by, — told the “Today” Director of DTEK ESKO Yevhen Bushma. — The metering devices themselves do not save energy, but disciplinary energy consumers, allow you to control expenses and reduce them using energy efficiency measures. Metering devices give you a starting point to determine whether it was possible to achieve results from the implementation of energy efficiency measures, does the rational use of energy resources to the economy.” According to the expert, the metering is the basis for energy management at the level of both whole house and individual apartments. They allow people their actions affect the amount of the payment. Also Bushma stresses that to achieve real savings is possible only with an integrated approach. “You can give an example with the electricity meters. A set of energy-efficient products can save up to 50% on energy costs due to the use of the two-band meter, LED light bulbs, smart sockets and instructions with tips for saving, which allows the level to organize the elements of energy management”.

METHODS. Expert Svyatoslav Pavlyuk also adds that the regional development Ministry needs to develop and approve about a dozen methods of distribution of water and heat, without which the law does not work in full force. “How long this work will take the Ministry very difficult to say, but the law stipulates a transition period of half a year, and theoretically, somewhere in February, new rules have to get to work”, — the expert explains. Besides, according to him, the system of appeal against poor service is working intermittently.

How to pay less: expert tips

To pay less for energy experts advise residents of multi-storey buildings to make neskolko simple steps. “To unite, because the opportunities for savings lie outside the individual homes and at the building level. To raise the issue of installation of heat metering devices in your home. To order an energy audit that will show how much the building can save energy and money, which activities are necessary to recoup and as to Finance,” says Yevhen Bushma. According to him, the list of energy efficient measures is quite wide and for each house a set of events may be different. “It could be warming the entire perimeter of the building (walls, roof, basement) in accordance with potrebovaniyami and regulations, modernization of heating system, replacement Windows and doors throughout the house to energy-efficient, preferably on a common standard, says Bushma. — These activities can be financed partly by the tenants, partly at the expense of the city budget under the program of 70/30, at the expense of credit funds, or energy service companies. While energy service companies not only Finance, but have a fully turn-key energy efficiency measures, saving not only money but also time and nerves of the inhabitants.”